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dry socket and infection
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dry socket and infection

I had my second molar on the left crowned four years ago. Immediately I got a sinus infection. ever since then the doctor has had me on antibiotics at least every 3 months for my newly developed "cronic (chronic) sinusitis". I told my dentist that the tooth was hurting after the crown, but he said that sometimes residual - (or ghost pain) could be felt after a crown was placed on a tooth.
The pain on that side of my mouth got worst, and I had to get the teeth on both sides root canaled since then. Finally the denist sent me to an endodentist to check out the original crown. When he went to look at it, the crown popped off, when flying across the room and released the ugliest smell I ever encountered.
They made me wait til the following friday before they pulled it out. My dentist said that my problems would now be over. He was wrong. THE PAIN STARTED SATURDAY. I spent Saturday night, all of Sunday and Monday morning icing my swollen face and crying. I thought I was going to die.
Monday he tod me I had dry socket and packed it and put me on antibiotics. Tuesday morning it fell out, he packed it again but told me to stop rinsing my mouth out, I told him that I had not done that, but he didnt seem to believe me.

Tuesday evening my regular dentist was suppose to finish a root canal on the other side, but when she saw the condition of the dry socket, she worked on that instead. She said their was great amounts of puss oozing out of it, and it had not started healing, so she froze me, scraped it, packed it, and sewed a quazie net over the hole. She said that she suspected it would continue to drain for several days due to the amount of puss and swelling above it.
It is Friday today. Much of the swelling has gone down, but my sinuses feel raw. The dry socket is still oozing massive amounts of puss.

I went back to the denist in absolute pain today - 7 days after the extraction. He told me that he could repack it if I wanted, but that he thinks it would be better to just leave it open and let nature take it's course. He perscibed me t3's and some kind of mouthwash for the swelling.
Question: Will the puss oozing out of the socket impede the healing? This is the fourth day that I can visibly see the puss, it stops oozing for a few hours at a time, then it starts up again for a few hours, then it stops again for a while. Am I better off covering the hole while it is oozing? Will it only start healing when the oozing stops?
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It appears you are suffering post-op complication of upper second molar extraction.Development of dry socket on upper is rare, compromised immune function needs to be ruled out.If prescribed antibiotics does work effectively, considering switching to other antibiotics.Pus generally does'nt drain more than 24 hours.Your post op condition is very unusual, you may need to see an oral surgeon if  condition does'nt improve.
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Sounds like something a dentist told me about crowns.   When I had a crown placed on number 30, I complained to him about it hurting. He said, there isn't anything wrong with the crown I put on, it takes a year for it to heal after the work of putting a crown on.  Do not ever believe that for a minute.  I found out different.    

Your crown you get put on should feel normal like your tooth from what some dentists have told me and if it doesn't then there is a problem.  

The dentist letting it go that long and it was still hurting you all that time is ridiculous, even after the root canals.  

I had several bad experiences with dentists and crowns.  I was told I had substandard work done on 3 crowns I had placed by a dentist.    

From now on when I have any crowns placed I'm going to a prosthodontist.  It's not that general dentist don't know how to do it or may not be good at it, it's just from what I have experienced.   A lot of wasted money, had they been put on right and things done differently I wouldn't have wound up having all the re work done and costing me over 5,000 to have everything redone on 3 teeth.  

hope you are feeling better soon.

I just had the one tooth pulled 3 weeks ago from bacteria being down in it and loss of bone from a crown that was placed. I had to get a bone graft and then will be getting an implant.    I'm just wondering if would have been more cost effective for me to just get it pulled in the first place and had an implant done from the beginning.
Instead I spent 1200.00 in 2003 on the crown and build up, 1000.00 on the root canal after the crown was already placed and then another almost 1400.00 in 2005 to have the work redone on the same tooth. 2009 Tooth now had to be pulled and needs implant or see what my options are.

ps I don't know if your dentist is just a general dentist, but sounds like you would have been better off going to a specialist when pain did not subside the first time.

That is the mistake I made, I kept waiting trying to figure out what my problem was myself because my dentist couldn't.   It always pays to get a second opinion.
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