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dry socket it really hurts
hi i have question about dry socket,

last tuesday, i had my right  first molar extraction. which it had root canal done 6 years ago and had infection under the root. the day next afther the extraction seems alright.when i rinsed i saw blot clot coming out from the socket, and the pain started next day. i had to go back to dentist and put dry socket paste in the socket area but it doesn't working well.

so my dentist had to scrub the area to bleed and he put the cotton like material called collaplug and sutured. now, part of sutur is ripe off and my  gum is open a little so i can see the white thing trying to come out from the socket, and it still hurts, and also the teeth in front and back, feels like bites are high so i can really eat.

what should i do?

when should i expect to heal well?

also, swelling and painful, i've been taking motrin 600mg for7 days 3times per day

should i stop> or continue ?

should i take antibiotics???
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