fractured tooth after root canal
by auntchris1956, Sep 30, 2011
I had a root canal done several months ago, a crown put on and vola the tooth next to it got infected and had to be pulled. He removed the crown on the tooth that had the root canal and I believe it is fracture. Should this tooth be extracted?

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by Gellia, Oct 01, 2011
It really depends on where the fracture is and how deep it goes.  

Most fractures cannot be repaired and require extraction.  If this is the case, please check into an implant for replacement.  

Hope this helps.
My best to you,
by auntchris1956, Oct 02, 2011
Thank you for your straight answer. That is what I was afraid of. Now this will be the 3rd tooth out in one year. First a molar on the right. Now 12 and 13 on the left. How can a beautiful set of teeth since I was a child start going so wrong. This is the second failed root canal. I am a 'grinder'. I wear the guard religiously. The first time I went for routine 'work' on my teeth I wound up with MRSA. I don't think I'm a candidate for implants. So eventually a bridge. My mouth is still infected and my cheek is swollen. $4000 later I have 3 less teeth. Plus this is all out of pocket. A bridge will have to wait. I am disappointed to say the least. If this tooth has to be extracted I am telling him I am not paying for it. Sorry! Again thank you.
by Gellia, Oct 02, 2011
I'm really sorry you have had so much trouble.  Please do check and see if you're a candidate for implants.  I have four and they are just wonderful.

I hope this will resolve itself all to your satisfaction.

Good luck and let us know how you are.
My very best to you,
by auntchris1956, Oct 04, 2011
Hi Gellia, in keeping with the post, the update is; the tooth has been extracted! Now that is 3 teeth in one year. I am on disability. I will be paying this dentist off for the next 6 months. I will not be able to investigate implants or bridges until I 'again' get on my feet. I am terribly disappointed in this chain of events. Now I am wondering if this night guard I was fitted for isn't a cause of some of these problems. It is a 'hard' night guard as opposed to a soft. I will be looking into Dental Insurance instead of discount plans. I know I've done this before but better investigate again. It always baffled me as to why 'dental' procedures are less likely to be covered than not; went in fact your health can depend on good teeth. Thank you for your answers.
Christine J Virgil
by Gellia, Oct 04, 2011
Hi again,
You may want to look into dental schools, too.  If there is one near you, they can be a great source for good dental care at reasonable prices.  All work done is supervised by licensed dental practitioner/professors.  They may also be able to shed a light on why you had a serious chain of dental events.

Just a thought.  :)  Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
My very best to you,