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pain related to dental work/braces?
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pain related to dental work/braces?

Tori  Health History
1997- present

Current on all immunizations
Chicken Pox at age 5
- August of 2008    Braces applied.  Immediately developed sores in mouth, bad headaches, swollen lips and gums, and fever.  August of 2010 orthodontist changes rubber bands in mouth to non-latex.  All problems went away except mouth sores. Till this point Tori has been using 1-2 tubes of extra strength oral gel, per week, to ease the pain.  
-January 2011 braces come off and Oral Surgeon says that scar tissue has formed and is blocking saliva glands and the sores may go away in time.  They are better now but not completely gone. A permanent stainless steel wire retainer is place on lower teeth and she has a removable retainer made of plastic and wire, that is used at all times except when eating.  
-February 2011   Tori develops an interest in nail art.  She decorates nails for hours each night and the next day would come home with no polish left on her nails.  Her explanations was, her figures itched.   Mostly picking at the polish but also chewing to remove as much as possible.  She also chewed and picked at the skin on the sides of the nails until it would bleed.  
-Summer 2011   Fingers still itch even though she has stopped using nail polish. She appears light headed or dizzy while playing softball.  She described it as blacking out and doesn’t remember being helped to a bench. This happened 2 or 3 times.
-Early Fall 2011   More intense inching in figures. Now it is described more as a burning sensation.
-Late Fall 2011   Arms are described as sore or discomfort up to the elbow with and itchy burning feeling that is under the skin.
-December 10, 2011   Pain starts in her shoulder.  But does not stay
-December 17, 2011   Pain starts in the middle of her back and never leaves. Hands fall asleep for hours.
-December 23, 2011   Pain starts in her toes and balls of her feet. She describes it as burning and falling asleep.
-January 29 and 30, 2012    Flu like symptoms, Fever, chill, stomach ache, face and head hurt.  Start of the ongoing complaints of head and face aches also burning sensation in neck and back of head.  
-February 11, 2012   Complains of blurry vision in left eye and bad headache. Starts blacking out after doing Jumping Jacks at school.

Update February 20, 2012   Tori mostly complains about the pain in her back.  Headaches that come and go. Constant burning in her fingers and toes with on and off falling asleep.  Sore or discomfort in her arms with some inching.  Re-occurring Mouth sores.  Blurry vision in one eye and pain that is in her eyes, face, head and neck.

Update  March 27, 2012
Tori mostly complains about the pain in her back and the itching in hands.  The vision was corrected by a new prescription and she doesn’t have the pain in her face or neck anymore.  She still has random headaches from time to time and the pain in her arms and feet is still present.  The mouth sores pop up every few weeks.  Yesterday, by my request, the permanent retainer was removed from her teeth and she has stopped using the overnight retainer also.
She is scheduled to see the allergist on the April 4th for heavy metal testing.

Update May 14, 2012
Tori is still complaining of itchy hands and burning in her back.  She has been on Prednisone 10MG for the inflammation in her back and Zantac and Zyrtec for the inching in her hands for the past 2 weeks.  It has been 6 weeks since the retainers have been in her mouth.  She still has re-occurring mouth sores.  All of the other symptoms are gone.

Update October 8, 2012
Tori is still complaining of a constant burning sensation in her back and hands.  Mouth sores are still re-occurring.  She is missing school regularly because it is painful to sit for long periods at a time.  It has been 6 months since the retainers have been out.  Today we had an MRI and more blood test which all came back normal. However, her Vitamin D and B12 are still low. She is on her 4th day of Gabapentin 300MG 3 times per day.

Avatar m tn
This sounds like a really interesting series of events. I am sorry to hear about all of these difficult situations. And to think that it all started from braces. I just received braces in Anchorage AK and I hope that it doesn't turn into this. I wish you all the best!
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