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seriously excrutiating Mystery Pain
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seriously excrutiating Mystery Pain

I really need help, I dont know where else to turn. I starting getting debilitating headaches that were focused on the front left side just above the temple and behind the eye in June 2011. When I say debilitating, it was so bad all I could do was roll in pain. I couldn't work, I had to drop out of school etc. Well I had CT scans, X-rays even saw a neurologist and they diagnosed me with migraines. After awhile the pain slowly subsided but never completely went away. The head pain would flare up when I would run or leaned over to pick things up. I starting flossing more and it actually started to relieve the pain, pretty much proving it wasn't migraines. I discovered that when food got stuck in the gum line it would flare up, and as soon as the food was gone the headaches would go away. I went to the dentist they took X-rays and said i had slight a sinus infection and that could be the cause but my Teeth as a whole look fine. I have gotten the opinion of multiple dentists even an endodontist and after tests I dont need a root canal(good note). However, I do grind my teeth and need a night guard(taken care of since). My only assumption is that I have ground the teeth down to the nerves.

I dont know whats actually causing the pain, it encompasses the entire top right side of my teeth/gums and I can't help wanting to pull them all out.  I had two badly chipped teeth , I crowned one of them last wednesday and the pain has never been worse. Hell I have to take Goody's powder 2x a day to keep the pain down and I wake up rolling in pain every morning about 630am when it wears off and until the medicine kicks in they are as bad if not worse than they were a year ago. I dont know what to do or who to see. Noone can seem to be able to figure out whats wrong and at $1000 a tooth I cant afford to keep crowning teeth. Its sort of scary, the pain has been present nearly every day since last june the intensity fluctuating as a whole. To function it usually requires between 400-800mg of ibuprofen a few times a day. (not good for my liver)
Im 26 years old and I would consider myself in prime condition. I just need a sense of direction hopefully towards ridding myself of this awful plague.

The culprit could be the teeth grinding.  If you do that at night, along with hard clenching, the pain could be from that and it can be severe.  If you have been using the night guard faithfully it may be that it's not the right one for you and you need a more extensive and better fitted one.

Clenching and grinding can cause tremendous pain in the teeth and surrounding tissue similar to what you are describing.  Please use the night guard and if it's not working get one that is more fitted to your teeth.
Also, it would help quiet the nerves if you use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
Brush with it twice daily and rub a small amount right on your gums, esp at night.  It can take a couple of weeks to work but it can help.  

I hope this helps.  GOOD LUCK and let us know how you are.
My very best to you,
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