tooth extraction with root tip left behind
by sjdbjd, Apr 19, 2010
I went to have a tooth removed last week and after breaking the top of the tooth off he (the dentist) had to dig the rest of the tooth out. Well for starters he had to numb the gums twice and when he went to pull i could feel it so he had to numb it again in another spot. After all the painful injections getting numb so that i could have the tooth pulled, the tooth broke off when he tried to pull it. He dug out most of the root. He informed me that he had left some root tip in, that it would work its way out. Well it is working its way out and extremely painful might i add. I called him to tell him about the pain, they are telling me its a dry socket; without even looking at it. the day I had the extraction done i had to leave state for a little while. he wouldn't call me anything in to get me by til i got home. No antibotic nothing. I had my family dentist tell me that he should not have left the root tip in it. What do I do? Please help?
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by scottmaBlank, Apr 19, 2010
Seeing another dentist or oral surgeon to remove remaining root tip is advised.
by Bigrednumero1, Jul 09, 2010
can an x-ray determine if there is any root or tips left?
by nanakoo1, May 07, 2011
I am turning nine wednesday May 11 , 2011. I went to the dentist cause my face was puffed up and they told me I had a baby root tip exstracted in my gum and it hit the the nerve of the tooth behind it. I was really scared but then they told me that it would be removed tuesday may 10,2011[the day before my birthday and field trip].So I asked them if I would be able to go to school and then come home to eat my birthday cake and enjoy my presents.So then I was pretty glad.I mean the way I am right now I would not be able to eat my birthday cake on wednesday.So thank gosh for a dentist that helped me or will help me a big lot.If this happens to you and you get scared just follow my advice.