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Help with derealization
ok so about 2 months ago i had a really bad panick attack from a bad trip ( i do not smoke pot this was just an occasion) and ever since then i have had adrenaline rushes through my body, have been shaky basically all the symptoms of anxiety all of which i can deal with but one...... DEREALIZATION! it is so disturbing at times it's driving me insane, i can't deal with day to day life everything seems like one big dream that i still haven't woken up from, sometimes i pinch myself just to remind myself im alive and that im not dreaming. the scariest thing about this is that i don't believe there is a cure? and don't many people suffer from this for years! im only 19 and i do not want to have the best years of my life overcome by this i would rather (as much as i hate saying this) die! i don't know what to do i feel so scared i know im not going crazy but it sure feels like it! not being able to deal with day to day life because of my derealization has put so much of my life i have worked so hard for on the edge like my friends, my partner and my job......... i just want to be normal again :( i can deal with the anxiety just not this derealization.........
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