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No one knows what depersonalization is, and it is a big problem. My psychologist had no clue how to deal with me. I’m trying to put together a pamphlet of different people’s experiences and hand them out to local doctors. I won’t be psychologist for another 8 years and we can’t wait that long. People are suffering and need help. What I’m asking you to do is write a testemony in my inbox. How much you suffered, how no one understood you, what brought it on, what past experiences added to it, how you coped, and most importantly, how NO ONE KNEW WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT. I believe when psychologists see the pain people are going through, they’ll begin to speak up and reach out. I will be printing out these testimonies and putting them in a book which I will hand out to every psychologist and psychiatrist within a 100 mile radius of me. My dad is also a doctor and is able to help me send these letters out to a mass amount of people. Please, send me your testimony. I’m aiming for 100. All will be anonymous of course, unless you want your name written down. They can be as short or as long as you please. You can be facing dp or dr right now, or in recovery. Lets just do this, please. No more living in lonely agony. LET’S SOLVE THIS! LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW!

PS you can always inbox me to talk, this is what I am dedicating my life to.

email the testimonies to liv.***@****
or just to talk to me
please, please use your knowledge to help others. your testimony and all the suffering you've gone through could change thousands of peoples lives.
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