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Am I Clinically Depressed?
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Am I Clinically Depressed?

ive been on many health sites taken quizes looked at symptoms and i usally have around 9 out of ten of the symptoms or quizes and if you have 5 of the symptoms your supposed to be clinically depressed, its either than or i have a mood disorder but its most proberly clinical depression i dont want to go see a health specialist tho because of what my family might think.

My Symptoms;
I think about dieing all the time
I hurt myself
people call me a sad old emo ):
I'm emotional (i cry alot)
I think everything is my fault
I think everyone hates me
and more but i cant think at the moment.

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Your description is such that there is no question you should be treated for some form of depression. I encourage you to make the effort, starting with your family doctor.
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Family can become an obstacle, but only if you let them.
I didn't discuss my mood issues (or any issues) with my family.  My GP referred me to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with severe depression.  I kept my weekly visits to my therapist secret.  It was difficult as I was extremely anxious the service would ring and they sent letters with their big letterhead (which I mainly managed to intercept) plus I was dependent on my parents for transport (although sometimes I did need to walk 50 kilometers to my appointments).
For the most part I stopped attending therapy and only saw the doctor once every three months.  Eventually I was admitted to hospital and it was inevitable my parents found out.
What I am trying to say in a round about sort of way is that you should discuss this with your family.  Not discussing it denies them the opportunity to support you.  More often than not you actually end up hurting yourself and your family more by not disclosing important information.

Families and family members all react differently.  Some get angry, some deny that anything is wrong.  There are lots of different ways they may respond.
What is most important though is you get appropriate assessment and treatment.
If you stand by what you need then your family will learn to accept it.  You might even be one of the lucky ones who have very empathetic family members.

I would encourage you to get help as soon as possible.  I didn't and I've lost 10 years of my life.  10 years being anxious and depressed and suicidal.  It's just not worth it especially when treatment is so readily available.

I agree with the doctor.  Start with your family doctor first.  They can refer you on if necessary.
You can include your family anywhere in this process.  If you have a good relationship with a family member you may even like to take them as a support person.  You may not either as the information you're sharing can feel extremely sensitive.  It's your choice.

If people are calling you sad that can be a good place to start a conversation.

Good luck for accessing support.  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
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