Can Stress/Anxiety cause all these physical symptoms?
by aumali, Oct 10, 2006

Let me begin by saying that I started worrying about my health 9 months ago when I had gallbladder pain.  I was sent through a series of CAT scans and MRI's which made me worry even more. The docters said that I was fine and it was probably due to stress.  I was fine for 3 months but then started having constant headaches and I thought I might have a brain tumor. I went to the ER and they did a CAT scan and everything was fine.  Exactly 2 weeks later I had blood in the stool and thought I had colon cancer (I had a full blown panic attack).  The docter performed a colonoscopy and said everything was fine.  I was fine for about 3 months and then I started to have muscle twitches and tingling in my extremities. I googled these symptoms and looked up MS and ALS. Once again, I had a panic attack and subsequently saw a neurologist who performed an EMG and ordered an MRI of the head and spine.  He said everything was fine.  Since then, my twitches have subsided but now I am experiencing CONSTANT bodywide muscle pains (shooting pains that radiate throughout my body as well as constant dull muscle aches) and am becoming easily fatigued.  I talked to my neuro about this and he said I should go see a rhemotaulogist if my symptoms really bother me. Since then I googled up these symptoms and I think I may have fibromyalgia. I even started to press on my tender points and some of them do hurt when I press on them. My question is, should I go ahead and see the rhuemotologist or do you think these bodywide muscle pains is attributable to anxiety?

I am 23/male and have become extremely depressed since this whole health scare started. I would really appreciate your input.
by Roger Gould, M.D.Blank, Oct 16, 2006
In my opinion, given these facts, anxiety is the most probable cause...why don't you start treatment for anxiety and see what happens.....then you can prove it to yourself.
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by shinobi, Oct 11, 2006
Wow did you write this or did I! You and me are the same person man. had the gall bladder out, found out I had Ulcerative colitis and that turned my world upside down. Anxiety and panic attacks and then I went to the war and came back with thyroid cancer (Big deal right) and then had an HIV scare that Im just getting over. Overall symptoms of prolonged stress + missing thyroid and PTSD combined.

1. Headaches and neckache
2. Total body aches
3. Tingling/numb/burning hands and feet (Down arms and legs)
4. Constant anxiety and worrying
5. Hypochondria
6. Depression.
Am I making my point here. Stress can manufacture the needed results to get you through hard times and thats what it is designed for. You hear people constantly say "I perform best under stress" well try it for 2 or 3 years and see how well you function. I totaly feel your pain bro and am going to answer your question.
Im a Paramedic so I can tell you about some of this with great accuracy so here it is. Your far to young to be worrying about all of these diseases. The problem with you (Us I should say) is that we are Hypersensative to outside influences and lack the controling devices to cope with this anymore. Stress prolonged can create any number of symptoms and most of the symptoms that you feel are classic stress symptoms.
Get some counseling.....Its so important.
by Jenny Wren, Oct 11, 2006
Hello, I wish I could help you, but I have been going through the same thing myself.  Try not to google to much.  I have had facial tingling for 6 years, had brain MRI, cervical MRI, bloodwork, neuro exams, you name it.  Tried Prozac, helped some, but never takes the weird feelings away that I have on a daily basis.  The only thing that seems to help some is Xanax.  I only take a 1/2 of .25 mg, and it calms me down and the symptoms diminish a good bit.  I have cold feelings that radiate throughout my body, like someone is injecting ice water into my veins, they only last a few seconds, but I also had these symptoms when I first started the Prozac, they say that sometimes your anxiety will get worse during the first few weeks of treatment.  I am going to try a different AD, to see if I can get myself out of the hole that I am in.  I do have have muscle pains and aches, tension/migraine type headaches, and tingling.  Hope this helps some.  Anxiety is a awful thing!!!!
by sunflower21, Oct 11, 2006
When I'm under lots of stress, I often get physical symptoms and think about all the things I think are or could be wrong so it's not uncommon. The more medical stuff you look up on the net, the more you will think is wrong with you.
by Anonymous870, Oct 20, 2006
It is amazing how many people are experiencing these symptoms.  I had a major health scare a year ago.  Started worrying excessively about it and started having muscle twitches all over my body, muscle aches, burning, cramps, jaw aches, neck aches, joint pain, hot flashes.  I have had this for about a year.  I have had all the test.  I see a physchologist and a psychiatrist and are on wellbutrin and propranolol.  The propranolol I just started a few weeks ago and I have to say it is working somewhat.  I thought that beta-blockers would really just help with rapid heart rate etc, but It has dramatically reduced all my muscle pain.  I still get some, but I wish I took that med sooner.  I had a short course of klonopin, helped somewhat, mainly just fell asleep when I took it.  The other good thing was I actually started to follow an antianxiety cognitive therapy course book and all I can say is after a year, 90% of my symptoms are gone!  I finally believe it is all due to anxiety.  Oh I almost forgot, this is the most important part of it...I am somewhat of a hyperchondriac, so I thought I would trick my mind into thinking I was healthy and had no medical problems, I have to say It in combination with the course, and the addition of propranolol, It really has helped dramatically.
by dunphy, Oct 21, 2006
Anxiety is a feeling that something is wrong or something is going to happen to you, basically that you are in danger, (either mentally, physically or both). If you accept the thought of danger in your mind a vicisous cycle will develop. The nervous system links mind and body. If the mind is pre-occupied with danger, both body and mind are deprived of attention (for want of a better word) and a cluster of mental and physical symptons can develop, palpitations, tremours, disturbing thoughts or impulses, senses affected, tingling soles or fingers, numbness, depression, feelings of overwhelmness, unreality, childhood memories, low self esteem or worthlessness
Anxiety symptons can be slow to subside. All nervous symptons are distressing, they can be torture, but they are NEVER dangerous. If you hold this thought in your mind your symptons will in time go away. Anxiety needs the threat of danger to be believed in order to survive. Nervous symptons LIE. You must consantly substitute the thought that you are not in danger, despite the VERY CONVINCEING message delivered by your symptons.
If you are near a recovery group meeting i would suggest attending.
by mustang2, Oct 21, 2006
I also have health anxiety. My latest fear was ALS which I have for the second time had ruled out. And as soon as it was ruled out all my symptons disappeared. Now I have developed severe low back pain for which I had an xray done.It came back with some abnomalities but Iam convinced it is a cancer because motrin doesnt help. I am so afraid all the time I am worrying my kids and exhausting my husband and am trying to figure out how to get an MRI done. My doctor has just suggested cymbalta. Can anxiety cause such severe back pain? you guys have helped me before on this forum. I went to the internet about my back pain and saw regular xrays dont show cancer so now i am beside myself .Its all so exhausting.Has anyone had pain which was caused by there mind. Is that possible?
by SnakeyJ, Oct 23, 2006
What kind of ALS symptoms did you have? I seem to have a ton of them lately, although I am not sure if anxiety is the reason for these. I have alot of tightness and stiffness in my calves, biceps, and the joints behind my knees and my elbows. They have been coming and going for a while now. When I read a site about ALS I seem to be convinced I have it cause of the stiffness. I am hoping this is anxiety but I cant get this out of my head.
by Lil"one, Oct 23, 2006
I too have been having anxeity symptoms. I feel hot all the time but my temp is normal. I my face feels tight, like a strained facial expression. I have the pins and needles sensation and feel
like insects crawing all over me. I sweat only on my lower legs.
I tremble and shake, cant concentrate. I am constantly looking at
my face in the mirror. I have been under major stress the past few months. My appetite is good but I am losing a few pounds. I too
roam the net at various medical sites looking for answers. Years
ago I was on buspar. A co-worker let me try on of her pills called
Lorazepam. It did calm my symptoms. I had a complete blood count
and everything was normal. Someone here said that if felt like
someone injected ice water in their veins; it seemed like someone
injected hot water into mine. I am constanly checking my body. I
am going NUTTS!