Can masturbation cause depression and anxiety?
by volume, Oct 26, 2009
My problems seemed to start when i begun to masturbate at 13 .Can masturbation affect the brain chemicals wich are related to depresion and anxiety?During the climax i know the brain releases some chemicals.Is it any connection between them?I usually get very depressed after masturbation
by Roger Gould, M.D.Blank, Oct 26, 2009
There is not any brain disturbance that comes from may feel guilty about what you are doing because you have not completely accepted and owned your physical body, but masturbation is definetly not a cause of depression.
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by Jaquta, Oct 26, 2009
I would be looking at why you masturbate and what it represents to you.  What does it mean to you?  I think it has more an emotional versus physical link.
by Jaquta, Oct 26, 2009
Perhaps lack of acceptance is due to your abuse history?
Perhaps this has been my problem too.  I'm not talking about masturbating but just generally.  I think there have been certain events that have made me more aware of my physical self.  Being catheterized in hospital.  That definitely made me more aware of my own sexuality.  Wearing the odd skirt vs being a tomboy all the time.
Being physically sick has challenged me too forcing me to take better care of myself and to respect my body.  It has limits to the amount of abuse it can take too.
Acceptance and ownership of ones body opens up so many more questions.  Many of which our body is defending against in the first place.  I was told I use my body as a defense.  Meaning I don't like people touching me or in my physical space.
Do children reject their bodies because of what others do to it?
by Jaquta, Oct 26, 2009
It is not us who is bad but our body??