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Diagnosed as General Anxiety Disorder but strange sensations in head.
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Diagnosed as General Anxiety Disorder but strange sensations in head.

I am a male, 32, married, no kids, perfect life.
After multiple investigations (including CAT scan), I have been diagnosed with GAD 6 months ago. I take Effexor XR 150 mg. I also take Ativan 0.5 mg twice a day. I am trying to get rid of Ativan by first increasing Effexor to 225 mg but get too many side effects (even increased anxiety!). Also, skipping a single dose of Ativan results in anxiety crisis. My symptoms do not match with panic attacks.
I got the following symptoms this morning.
1- I had the following dream: trying to do cleanup in a large store and always having to start again.
2- I woke up with back pain.
3- I took a bath and noticed I was distracted: I was always thinking to things about job. I think I was "gone" for 10 minutes. I was surprised that I lost concentration for so long.
4- I got dressed and started feeling bad:
5- I had a strange feeling in my head (like if I had fever and a "vibration"). I had dizzy spells and difficulty focussing vision. Bright light was also making symptoms worst. I could also feel slight ear level fluctuations once a while. Taking the Ativan improved the situation only slightly.
6- Another day, my left hand and my teeth were numb with other usual symptoms.
7- Each time, heart beat seems normal, as well as respiration.

Do you think GAD can be the right diagnostic ?
To me, the feeling in my head looks like a light electric storm.

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If I assume you have had a complete neurological workup, including eeg, then yes this is probably GAD.  The symptoms vary so much because once you start observing yourself so closely, you become self conscious, and everything seems to be going wrong because of such a heightened sensitivity to the sensations of your being.

Try focusing away from the symptoms towards the real problems and frustrations in your life, and actively try to solve those problems. Try the masteringstress program above to get yourself started on this task.
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