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Help!!! Can stress cause these things?
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Help!!! Can stress cause these things?

  Memory loss, depression, hair loss, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating or relaxing,
  paranoid thoughts, loss in interests I used to have, drinking too much because I can't handle it. Please tell
  me what can happen when your life is totally stressed! I never have a minute to myself.  My husband
  has made my life a living hell and I have many thoughts of picking up a knife. He refuses to leave for even a few months.
  I just can't handle things anymore and I would hate to do something I will regret. The thought of killing him
  is worse at that time of the month. Am I a normal stressed out person or should I seek help?
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Dear Callie;
While it is true that stress could cause some of the symptoms that you are experiencing, it is also possible that you have been experiencing depression.  I would like to refer you to :Depression...does it ever go away?" that was posted by Dr.T.B. on 2/22/99.  Major Depressive Disorder is a common disorder and is twice as common in women than in men.  It is characterized by depressed mood nearly every day for most of the day and/or a decreased interest and pleasure in activities.  It is also associated with other symptoms like insomnia, change in appetite, decreased energy, suicidal thoughts and poor concentration among others.  If the depression gets severe, psychosis (hearing voices, paranoid thoughts) could also be associated with it.  The causal basis for depression is not entirely known but research supports a biological etiology coupled with psychosocial factors.  You mentioned that you have also been "drinking too much" and this could also be a contributing factor to your depressed mood.
I am concerned about your thoughts of murdering your husband.  If you have a plan or feel you will harm him, please seek medical attention  immediately.

The good news is that majority of patients with depression get better with medications and psychotherapy.  I would recommend that you see a mental health professionalwho can further evaluate your condition and manage it appropriately.  You might also want to discuss this with your Primary Care Physician to make sure that there are no other medical problems that are causing your depression.  You could call Henry Ford Behavioral Services at (313) 874-6680 for a confidential evaluation.
I hope this information was helpful to you.  It is however for general purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  Good Luck!
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