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Uncontrollable erections
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Uncontrollable erections

Hello.  For years, I've had a problem controlling my erections, specifically during non-sexual interactions.  Not only is it embarrassing and humiliating, but it is beginning to make my girlfriend very uncomfortable when I am holding, reading, or playing with my two boys.  Obviously, I am not sexually stimulated during these times, so what can it possibly be.  Please advise so that I can explain my boy's mother that I am not a pedofile!!!!  Thank you.
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I don't know the answer to this question and not sure where to send you for an answer other than to a sex therapist specialist.  Certainly there is a normal curve for sensitivity and responsiveness, and you may be at the extreme end so that minor physical contact causes a strong reaction...or seeing an endocrinologist to test your testosterone level which may be very high.
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I have this too.
Whenever something rests on my penis, or when i lean against a bench or something,
I will often have a spontaneous erection.

It has happened too when children sit on my lap...
Even though I am in no way sexually attracted to kids,
I would never even think of harming their innocence.

I don't have high testosterone levels myself,
so i guess that in my case it's just a sensitivity to erections.
I don't consider it a health problem at all.

Whenever i have an erection at an "unsuitable moment"
I manage to stick my penis vertically under my boxer-shorts,
so that you can not see a bubble sticking out diagonally through my pants... if you know what i mean.

I wear loose clothes so i guess that helps too;
but just sticking it vertically even with tighter clothes i don't think people would ever notice.

Usually those unsuitable erections don't last very long,
only a minute or so... although sometimes they only go away one minute after the object that touches my penis is not longer touching it.

I also believe it is normal that when you get a spontaneous erection on a "unsuitable occasion",
that sexual thoughts may start appearing... (not always though)

Because i think that at the moment there is a erection, sexual hormones get released in the body, and then the mind starts thinking sexual thoughts.
In my case, not going giving food (attention) to such sexual thoughts will make the sexual arousal and the erection disapear in 30 to 60 seconds.
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