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What to do with Drugs while seeking second opinion
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What to do with Drugs while seeking second opinion

I am a 30 year old woman. In late May of 2007 I finally sought out treatment from a psychopharmicologist  for what I believed to be a mild case of chronic depression that I had suffered through for most of my 20's, she diagnosed me as Unspecified Bipolar I and put me on Depokote, working me up to a dosage of 1250. I have been skeptical of the diagnosis from the get go, as I was not really experiencing  any of the symptoms of mania or even hypomania. My friends and family have described my personality on the drug as "flat". In subsequent follow up appointments I have expressed my displeasure at the lack of improvement and at one point she attempted to put me on Abilify as well. I refused at the time since I didn't understand why I was being treated for manic episodes I do not have, in addition my pharmacist pointed out that my monthly drug bill would become $600. It seemed excessive for the problem I was seeking help for. Now seven months later, I am still on the Depokote, I have gained 25 pounds (which trust me is not helping with the depression) and my hair has thinned considerably to the point where I have had to cut it all off with no marked improvement in my mood. She is now attempting to put me on Abilify again. I cannot shake the feeling that she is less interested in treating me than she is in pushing specific drugs. I have finally made an appointment with another doctor for a second opinion but it isn't for another month, so now I am faced with the question of whether I fill the new prescriptions in the meantime to treat what I believe to be a misdiagnosis, or to not fill them and ween myslef off the Depokote until I can see the new doctor.  
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You have received good advice from both of the other responders here..usually we don't allow commericals on this forum, but in this case we will keep the buddhism reference.

You should definitely get a second opinion, but you should get one sooner than a month from now, and probably from a psychiatrist who also does talk therapy, rather than from another psychopharmacologist.  It may be much wiser for you to be off all medications, but since the one you are on has withdrawal effects, you should probably be under the care of a physician when you get off the medicaiton.
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I was here seeking some advice myself for a situation with my son and linked to your question out of similar interest. I thought I would provide my unprofessional thoughts inspired by your post.

Sounds like you really need to shake that doctor. Be certain that some of these individuals are only interested in prescribing medication. If you look back which is worst the "chronic depression" you were feeling or the treatment you have received for it? Don't be surprised if another doctor doesn't help the situation either. They are trained to prescribe medication. The pharmaceutical companies have had significant influence on the treatments. In some cases this is good. WHat would diabetics do without insulin? In other cases medications are over prescribed. How many doctors today will tell their patients with high cholesterol and blood pressure to get their fat ***** off the couch? Instead they prescribe more and more pills.

Do you need medication or perhaps do you need to talk the underlying causes associated with your depressive state out with a therapist? Can you empower yourself? The other caution I would provide is if it is your intention to get off the medication you need to know how to go about withdrawing it. Stopping cold turkey may have side effects and you need to be informed before you act.

I would observe we are human beings. At times we are all depressed. At times we are all manic and at other times we all experience disorganized and psychotic thoughts. The relevant question is what underlies your depression? Is it your environment? Is it low self esteem and unresolved feelings of inadequacy, victimization, or physical or emotional trauma? Sometimes all we need is to reframe the past sufficiently so that we are empowered in the present.

I truly hope you get your situation resolved and you begin experiencing happiness, satisfaction and love in your life.
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I managed to  realize such bad feeling cannot be escaped by making any efforts consciously, it can only be explained by some theories in Buddhism. At last, I knew that “all the suffering is yourself, you will never escape from yourself, you have to live with it". By knowing that, my symptom becomes alleviated, and finally completely gone. yeah ,one day when i remenbered I were  suffering from a serious mental illness,I couldn't find it all over myself .it' was so amaing to me ,when it occured to me that i had  been a normal person for a long time ,which i didn't know when it began .i feel truely grateful to every person who have ever helped me .Now I feel life is really full of all kinds of flavours,but it's true ,vivider than any movie .the monster who tantalized me severely is far away from me now.
sincerely ,I hope you will help youself out too.Life is really very deserve hope and experience .
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