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hypothyroidism/sleep problem
   hello im 26 male
im an hypothyroid patient since im 18
in the last 6 month ive been experiencing some sleep disturbances....
in some time in my life ive taked to much thyroid hormone, wich drop the tsh levels in a hyperthyroidism state ...
so , in that levels ive experienced some hyperthyroidism disturbances like insomnia...
i was taking to much levothyroxine so i stopped, and make some reduction...and the tsh levels get back to normal again....and i started to sleep better
but the problem is that normally my tsh level is in 1,77...everything its normal, but in my mind i think that this level can drop again to an hyperthyroidism state, and "blocks" any attempt to sleep....
is like my brain pushes me to stay awake .....its awfull
i usually am tired when i go to bed.....but this concerns in my head makes my life in a misery....
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One of the first things to do, is let your doctor manage your dose so you are not always second guessing yourself.  The next is to be aware that you are anxious about something else and playing out your anxiety on the sleep subject. That is a displacement.  Trying to get to the true cause, and deal with that.
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