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i wanted to know if masterbation (masturbation) can be a form of sickness ? to much of it or just sometimes feeling the urge out of no where? sometimes the guilt that follows after? is any of this mentally related or possably of form of child abuse syndrom (syndrome) that you may or may not remember or something< and in both male and female of all ages ?
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Masturbation is a normal part of sexual life...but if done to excess in order to avoid intimacy or as a way to cope with anxiety and tension, then it becomes a problem and you have to look at what is going on in your mind that creates the compulsion.
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Too much of anything can't be good.
I am not a doctor, but I do not believe that masturbating three times per day is healthy.

Between 16 and 19 I often used to masturbate three times per day,
but these days (i'm 22 now) I can't take so much anymore simply because it makes my sexual system feel exhausted and slightly irritated.

Masturbating 2 or 3 times per week feels much less draining for me personally,
although I guess that how much is too much may differ a bit from body to body.

The guilt that follows after masturbation may have to do with
a) religious beliefs that you currently fail to live by
b) moral beliefs that you currently fail to live by
c) drainage of "chi" energy.

Many asian people (even scientists) believe that too much masturbation drains people from their life-energy (a.k.a. chi).
I believe there is some truth to this because i can too feel the difference in my general well being...
If I haven't masturbated for weeks i feel full of energy and creative,
but when I masturbate 2 or 3 times per day this will usually make me feel drained.

Some claim that the loss of CHI can be prevented during sex or masturbation, by not ejaculating...
although i must warn you that some techniques offered to prevent ejaculation may be damaging to your health!

I agree with the doctor that masturbation can be a way to escape from stress.
It's an easy drug... you just got to reach down your pants and you have a sexual rush for 5 to 10 minutes which climaxes with a good feeling orgasm.

If you want to masturbate less but feel like you can't,
then there's two different ways i can advise you.

1) religious: christian or islamic people who are serious in their spiritual practice say that it helps them to become a better human... and stopping masturbation fits in that category for many of them.

2) meditation: learning to observe your mind and be detached from it will help you to learn to react differently to the sensation of craving to masturbate.
instead of simply masturbating like usual, you can see the mental craving for what it is..
a habit of the mind... and let it go. 3 popular meditations that i know are: vipassana, zen and "mindfulness".

both religious and meditative practices work much the same way,
which is basically strengthening of your selfcontrol.
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I strongly disagree with the theory that regularly masturbation is okay, no......cause I know, the constant loss of vitality weakens the mind, changes the way we look at opposite gender, its a vice, that must be broken, it robs stamina like nothing else, induces laziness.......and mental laziness is the worst hindrance to our progress in life.

If channelized a richer personality is born within us helping us to avail more subtle mental qualities, the more peaceful a mind grows when it learns to seek joy beyond the reach of senses. Regular practise of celibacy increases oneness within us....its a peaceful feeling beyond description.

I their is soo much more to write on this topic, just practice celibacy for 6 months and see the increase in energy levels......I find this restriction in ones life as total freedom to mind.

Watch how much and what you eat! monitor you thoughts and promptly avoid anything that fuels is very very important in curbing desires! lust for controlling your mind rather than for any flesh.
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This question is addressed I am afraid to a professional. I am fed up from the terminology Mood Stabilizer what does it exactly mean?. I am serious. Because when you talk to somebody he tells you you better be taking an MS. Yet in all the sites you find antipsychotics especially the atypical ones considered as an MS. People some time mean AC as MS yet they are meant usually for epileptic i.e. used for BP off-label (e.g lamictal). Whereas AP for schizophrenia mainly also for BP off-label so usually used for BP in psychosis. The only MS i know of in books is the lithium. So why people can't be more clear saying instead of you should use an MS just say you should consider lithium. Some articles (medical) say there is no agreement on the meaning of an MS. It is something which reduces the mania say without increasing your depression, and increasing your mood without getting you manic. that's all. I am sure music can work as an MS. Sex must be counted too. Etc...Can one really explain the exact meaning - i mean the meds - considered as MS and those that are not considered yet they work fine or perhaps during titration only. OR for a short period only like the AP's yet lithium can destroy the thyroid and better be for a short period too. What really happens if you don't take any pills, i mean really. Don't say Alzheimer perhaps one can't guarantee to live forever either.
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