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This patient support community is for anyone with a loved one that suffers from depression, Bipolar Disorder, panic attacks, generalized anxiety, or any other mental health issues or mood disorders.

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Someone to talk to....

I just recently lost my sister in July 2013 in a car accident. I was in the car with her, she was driving. I am having serious difficulties accepting/dealing with it.
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I'm sad to read your story. Have you feelings of loneliness ?  What had been your favorite activities together ?  Pamela

Hello there,

Please accept my sincerest wishes at the passing of your sister.
You mentioned your sister was driving when the accident occurred.
Are you by any chance feeling guilty that your sister passed away
as a result of the car accident and you didn't ? Apparently this can be
something that a survivor of a car crash feels especially when the
person that passed away was a loved one. When my dad passed
away 10 years ago, I felt devastated because my dad had a really
close relationship. I found that talking to a councillor about my dad's
passing and other issues that were on my mind really helped.
Healing from the death of a loved one takes time. At first I know I was
in shock and denial, but gradually I came to accept my dad's passing
with the help of a very helpful and knowledgeable counsellor. She
happened to be a psychologist but I know there are some doctors
who get extra training in I believe it's called psychotherapy.
If anything I've shared with you has been helpful, I'm glad.
Peace be with you.   Eve
Yes Eve, I feel guilty. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't have fun or be happy because she's not here to be happy. Yes your info was helpful, I have considered a therapist but I always chicken out at the last minute.

Hi Csrlovee,

I could say simply say don't feel guilty, but feelings are very complicated.
You say you feel like you shouldn't have fun or be happy because she's
not there to be happy. Your sister loves you. Yes , I said it in the present
tense because that's what I believe. I believe in an after life. I believe
when a loved one passes from this earth, their spirit travels to another
dimension. We all have a spirit inside us which makes us who we are.
When we pass away, that spirit doesn't die and lives on in another
dimension. I don't know if you're aware of a man called John Edwards.
John Edwards is a psychic medium and he is genuine. John Edwards
used to have a show on tv. called " Crossing Over ". It was a fascinating
show and so interesting to watch. Unfortunately it's no longer on tv.
John Edwards has written a number of books which I'm pretty sure if
you goggle his name you will find out the titles of these books.
I have read a number of John Edward's books and they are fascinating
to read. John Edwards has a gift of being able to receive messages from
people who have crossed over and relaying them to their loved ones
who are currently living. Anyway, you might want to read some of his
books , he may convince you too after reading them. Bottom line is that
your sister doesn't want you to be sad. She wants you to be happy, have
fun and enjoy your life.  I'm sure your sister doesn't blame you in any way.
I've have read any many of these psychic mediums say that you can talk
to your loved ones who have crossed over and they will hear you so you
can talk to your sister and tell her how you are feeling and she will listen.
I know if you don't believe in an after life, a lot of what I have said may
seem unbelievable, but I myself am comforted by my strong belief that
there is an after life and when we pass from this earth it isn't the end of
our life. If you haven't read any of John Edward's books , I think you
would find it helpful to read them. I would recommend that you read
John Edward's book called " One Last Time" first of all. Even as a young
boy he sensed he had a special gift. This book is also The New York
Times Bestseller. I borrowed this book from my mind but I am enjoying
it so much that I plan to buy my own copy of this book.
Sylvia Browne is another well know psychic medium and her books are
fascinating too. Sadly, Sylvia Browne passed away fairly recently but
because I believe in an after life, I know that Sylvia is in heaven with
many of her loved ones. Another book I'm reading, I usually have several
books I read at the same time is one my mom gave me called " Proof
of Heaven" , it's written by an M.D. named Eben Alexander who is
a Neurologist and his journey into the Afterlife.  Your sister has passed
from this world, but she is in heaven and she's okay and wants you to
be happy.   I wish you peace in your journey of life.    Eve


Hello Csrlovee,

I was just wondering how you're doing ? If you ever want to have a chat
you could leave me a message and I'd be happy to talk to you.  
I wish you well.  Eve
so sorry for the loss of your sister.  this is july so the anniversary will be coming or has already and that will be hard for you.  hang in there and try and surround yourself with loved ones.  
try and remember this---  your sister would NOT want you feeling this way.  God forbid that it could have been you that died.  you would not want your sister to live her life feeling guilty or feeling she could not live life because you died.  i am sure she would not want you feeling this way.  
i don't know why things like this happen.  they say 'God has a plan for everything' we just do not see what that plan is right now.  
i got through the grief over the loss of my son by spending A LOT of time at his grave.  i cleaned it, clipped the grass, had picnics there, birthdays, etc.  even decorated it for every holiday.  just helped me feel like i could still do something for him.  
I am sorry to hear about your sister. We all grieve differently. Cry if you must. Sleep for days if you must but do those things with the knowledge that after you have cried your heart out and had sleep until you can no longer stand it, that you will continue on with you life.
Our departed love ones will always be in our heart and nobody can take your place but you owe them to live your life well. Hugs.
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