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Group to support and relate to those who are pleagued with these horrible symptoms. Want to be like a family for those who dont have a family support Group. Share what has helped and what hasn't

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I have been fighting this when menopause set in. I cant stand the spaced out and unsteady feeling I get. Sometimes the only relief I get is to cry all day long. What a mess I am in is there any help?
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Have you spoken to your doctor?  It's my understanding that hormones are a nightmare when going through the change and that there are therapies with drugs that are helpful.  
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Hi there,

If you haven't made an appointment to talk to your doctor about this, I
think it would be a good idea. Are you experiencing depression too?
I ask this because of your comment that sometimes you cry all day.
If you're already suffering from depression, menopause could make this
worse. So, if you are feeling depressed, you need to see your family
doctor and have this confirmed and it would be advisable to have your
doctor recommend an antidepressant for you to take perhaps. To deal
with menopause, there are also over the counter health supplements
that you can purchase from a health food store. Just make sure before
taking any health supplement for menopause, to check with your doctor
to make sure this health supplement does not in any way conflict with
any other prescription medication you may be taking. Some people think
of its just an herbal supplement. What harm could it do ? Well, depending
on what other prescriptions you're taking , even an herbal supplement
may interfere with other prescription medication you may be taking.
That's why it's always advisable to check with your doctor before starting
to take any new herbal supplement. Hope this hasn't been too confusing.
Good luck. Eve
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