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Wellbutrin XL and Buspirone... equals weight gain??
I am starting my third week of taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg and Buspirone 30mg.  My doctor assured me I would not gain weight but... wondering when does the effects of these medications hit? I thought the doc said in a few weeks.  Any one out there taking the same combo? I definitely want to control the anxiety but don't want to gain weight in the process.
Any info you have on this combo is much appreciated.
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Hi there,

I know you posted this last December. I also noticed you got no responses.
I am familiar with Wellbutrin XL taken for depression. The product name
for this medication is Bupropion. Now the other medication, Buspirone,
is a medication for anxiety. A really good resource is www.healthline.com/
druginteractions. There is some really good information on this website.
As far as the Wellbutrin, there are 3 severe drug interactions with the
following : Wellbutrin and Caffeine-containing foods/beverages ,
Wellbutrin and Alcohol, and Wellbutrin and tobacco. As far as the Buspirone, there are two severe drug interactions : Buspirone and
certain food i.e. avoid grapefruit and grapefruit juice when taking this
medication., Buspirone and Alcohol. I hope you found this information
helpful. Be well.  
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