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Alternative to Zoloft

Ive been on 50mg/day Zoloft for about 5 or 6 years.  It does help with the depression.  Before Zoloft I felt like I had lived my life and I was just waiting for it to be over.  Nothing was fun or interesting.  I would get weepy at the drop of a hat.  those symptoms are under control.

However, I have side effects I would like to deal with.
1) Weight Gain
2) Fatigue
3) Impotence
4) Indifference

Are there any natural supplements that can help with any of these?  My biggest problem is the fatigue.  I am constantly tired, don't want to go to bed.  I am generally fairly even-tempered but when I snap, I snap.  I get enraged at inconsiderate drivers and rude people in general.  All in all, I believe the benefits of Zoloft outweigh the negatives, but I still feel like part of me is missing.  Like I'm going through the motions but none of it really matters.

I'd really like to hear from others with a similare "life".

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i'm on the same dose- helped me for my anxiety/social anxiety/mild depression.  been going through some of those side effects- the most bothersome to me is indifference- feel like i'm more relaxed and in control than i was before i started the meds- but now i have to learn to be at the helm so to speak- after many years of being dragged along the interstate by chained to the rear bumper by emotions and worries, taking zoloft put me in the passenger's seat.  now i feel like i'm watching how other people drive- and taking it in, but not quite driving yet.  being in the driver's seat now will take some getting used to.   the problem is getting myself off my butt.  one discussion board i saw said that zoloft made them feel like they were wired with energy, but with no desire to leave the house.  this kind of feeling is the most bothersome right now- but i think that one drug or another wont really change that part.  i think its about learning how to hold the steering wheel.  kinda like growing up.
about the weight gain-  i take zoloft early in the morning with my coffee (about 5:45 am), and then ride my bicycle to work.  the only time i tend toward weight gain is when i dont get out of the house early for a few days.  
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For years I avoided taking prescribed Wellbutrin or Zoloft, instead I tried Sam-e, which helped my mood, and Fit for Life joint juice cans, made with green tea extracts and a number of Citrus fruits that not only helped with anxiety and depression but also with aching joints. Coupled with a better diet, excercise and a questioning of my negative thoughts with a more realist type thinking, add Buddhist and some Taoist philosphy in there and it has helped. Still I have bad days but not as often or for as long.  
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