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Anger associated with Effexor withdrawl(withdrawal)
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Anger associated with Effexor withdrawl(withdrawal)

My girlfriend recently quit taking her Effexor. She was on 300mg per day. She tapered off very quickly and only recently informed me she did this. She has been with none for about 3 wks now. During this time I have left the house 2 times and one time had to call the police before I left. Why? Her withdrawl (withdrawal) symtoms (symptoms) are involving intense anger over her feelings of the way her life turned out. This anger usually starts after her dexedrine wears off. She takes 30mg of this per day along with 500mg wellbutrin and 200mg Lamictal. Even with the mood stabilizer she cannot control her anger. This anger is directed toward me in such a hateful way I have to leave. I believe this is a mania induced anger due to Effexor withdrawl (withdrawal). She is 59 and bipolar 30 or more years. She has been on this drug for over 7 yrs to my knowledge. Sure she went through most of the other side effects but none as bad as the anger and hopelessness she has been experiencing. Has anyone ever gone through any of the anger quitting Effexor? How long does the withdrawl (withdrawal) symtoms (symptoms) last. I have read on these board anywhere from 3 wks to 3 months.
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Your girlfriend must be going through hell, it's such a large dose to just come off no
wonder she's not good.
Also with withdrawals come all these feelings flooding to the surface you feel out of control!
I know it's hard for you but just be kind and patient and you will work through this!!
If you have to live apart while she get's help so be it.
I think after being on such a high dose she need's medical advice it's like being an addict and coming off, I've been going through it and it's hell an emotional rollercoaster.
Support her and try and get help!!
Good Luck & God Bless
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