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Another problem

Hey, Ive already posted a previous question where i tried to use the advise,

But since then things have got worse, the other night i suffered a mental breakdown (i think), i was extremely anxious while i was on my own in the room, this was maybe due to me smoking a few puffs of marijuana with my friends a few days before- it may still be in my system. Now ive hit an all time new-low i cant even speak or concentrate while talking to my parents or friends, and im paranoid they can tell im depressed.

After that night of pure panicking i immediately went to see m doctor who said im suffering from mild depression, and offered me some counselling,and told me to never take any drugs- i used to smoke rarely but ive quit for good.

I used to be bad before but was able to hide it, now i cant even speak to anyone properly i look so sad and cant help it, i have a theory that i maybe researching and analyzing too much into depression and sadness (even though i am) but the cycle of constantly looking into sadness isnt helping find a solution on how to change my thoughts and happiness.

Im sorry for re posting its just that things have gotten worse and im feeling sorry for myself every minute of the day.

Thanks for any help!
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You truly need to seek professional hope with won't get better on on it's own.
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I think u may have confused the issue with your dr by bringing up the pot. My guess is that the two issues are unrelated. I would go back to your dr and tell him u need help with depression and that it is only getting worse. If he sends u away again he should have his medical license taken away!!
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I am looking for help, i have a serious problem now, since the time i smoked the marijuana i started having a 'bad trip', and its kind of become a part of my life when im sober, i never smoke marijuana very rarely but i remember being paranoid and unable to concentrate and now im starting to get self-conscious and agitated, what could this be? i feel like im going insane,will i ever recover? im trying so hard to not show any1 but its getting really bad.

I didn't tell my doctor about the marijuana because i rarely smoke it, he said he would offer me anti-depressants but he thinks ill get better with counselling.

I appreciate the help thanku x
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