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Anxiety, depression, OCD?

Obsessive thoughts have pretty much taken over my life. Made it impossible to work most days, sleep is becoming worse again and once I focus on one thing it becomes the only thing I am able to think about. The worst of it started almost 2 years ago now when I caught my ex-fiance cheating on me and broke it off. I got involved in a rebound and after that ended was left feeling depressed and alone. I obsessed about STD tests results etc. This is happening again now after my recent relationship ended. I literally can not go through that hell again.

The obsessive behavior and anxiety bleeds all over as well. I have to check the front door being locked several times. Recently I have been waking up feeling like I'm in a complete state of panic (rapid heart rate, shallow labored breathing). I work out 5 times a week quite heavily and am in good shape so exercise any more will not help.

I've always had social anxiety, mostly because I obsess about saying the right thing etc. It has ruined my social life. I have been seeing the same doctor for these whole two years and tried therapy twice but almost immediately did not like who I was seeing so stopped and lost interest during a low spell of anxiety. The Dr after hearing all this handed me a months supply of Lexapro. Since one of my main focuses of my anxiety is clearly my health I am now obsessing over taking this medication. I recently took some St John's wort before seeing the Dr and didn't realize it had conflicts until after. I asked a nurse who asked if it was OTC, to which I responded yes. She said stop taking it and start taking the lexapro. I clearly am obsessing over that conflicting as well.

I plan to seek counseling today but wonder if I should start the Lexapro 10mg. I am absolutely terrified of the side effects and have always had an "I can power through this" attitude. I'm becoming increasingly desperate for answers though.
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To get the benefits of meds you must accept the side effects. The meds may cause an instant increase in your anxiety/depression etc before they click in. Will power failed to help me, I'm not weak willed, but the harder I tried the quicker I failed. Talk it over with your Doc. be sure you know the effects of whatever you take ~ try not to be too alarmed by the list of unpleasant things that may happen when meds are taken. Good Luck.
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