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Celexa and alcohol
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Celexa and alcohol

Hi.  Two days ago I started on 10 mgs of Celexa and wonder if it's ok to have alcohol with it.  I have read the warnings, the stories, the advice for others on higher dosages.  I am on a low dose and I have just started taking it.
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You should avoid drinking alcohol while on medication.
The combination can depress the cns and potentially stop your breathing.
Possibly alcohol in moderation (or possibly not even that much) should be OK.
You should discuss this with your own doctor.  If you do decide to drink then you should monitor side-effects.
Sometimes people self-medicate with alcohol and if you're doing that then I don't think you should be drinking at all.
Someone has asked this question on the mental health expert forum.  You may like to check out the archives there (if you have time).
Or else just use your common sense.
The correct thing for me to tell you is, no don't drink alcohol while taking any antidepressant.

Then again I will tell you that in my case I do (on occasion) drink Rum and diet coke.
In fact a lot of it but only on occasion. Not uncommon for me to drink 7 or even 8.

I take 5 different Psychotropic medications (2 of them antidepressants) that make Celexa look like Pez candy in terms of strength and dosage.

I am still alive and have noticed no ill side effects from this drinking. I will say that the following day (because alcohol is a depressant drug) that I do feel more depressed.

I do think alcohol hinders the theraputic effect of antidepressants for a limited time after. No question about that.

Will you poision yourself????? Probably not, maybe a 1 in 100,000 chance.

Either way I do not advocate drinking while taking Psychotropic meds, but then again your not supposed to drink while taking any medication, even Advil.
You should avoid alcohol while on this medication because you think you'll only have one or two, but you end up having more.  We all react differently when we combine alcohol with this type of medication, and it is not worth the risk involved.  I had a friend on anti-depressants who went out drinking and the next morning she never woke up...ever again!  So the ramifications are serious.  As for call that living?  Between all the drugs and alcohol you're not even living in the real world!  You say the day after drinking, you feel more depressed, and yet you still drink!  You're on a slippery slope and should not be on here telling people it's okay to drink, it's not, it is, and how much and often you drink while on all these medications!  You know it's wrong, and you should just avoid responding to people asking about alcohol while on medication because your advice may kill somebody!  You truly need to get back to your doctor and find out why you still need to self medicate with alcohol while on so many drugs that are supposed to help you.  I know you and I have butted heads before on this before, but seriously, you are not helping these people or yourself.
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