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Depression and gaining weight fast and sweat to much and feel tired and...
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Depression and gaining weight fast and sweat to much and feel tired and headache and sleepy

I have been gaining weight fast and feel always tired with headache and want to sleep and I got sleepin disorder
I sweat too much and always people say i m colder than normal people.I have done theroid test it was normal i wanna know maybe its something serios and im losin hairs.
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Have you spoken to a doctor about your symptoms?  I see you have had throid tests, so assume you have.  Did he not discuss what else coluld be causing your problems?  If not, you need to go back, and see if a professional can help you.

You say you have a sleeping disorder, so presume you are getting help with that.  That must make you feel tired all the time if you are not sleeping.  As to the hair loss, you really need to see a doctor about that.

What medication are you taking?  

People here obviously cannot diagnose, but we are here to listen.  Please go back to doctor, as you are worrying you have something serious.  As you are on the depression site, sounds like you think you have depression.  

Could a medication be causing your hair loss?

Let us know how you get on.
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