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Do depressing things cause "Depression" and is there a differ...
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Do depressing things cause "Depression" and is there a difference?

I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.  This still kind of weirds me out.  I was told that depressing things (Death in the family, spouse cheating etc) can cause depression.  The idea that there is an external cause is sort of comforting.  Is this correct and what makes "depression" different from being depressed from depressing things happening to me?
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Depression and anxiety can happen for numerous reasons,often because of a life changing situation,trauma,loss,being abused,etc.There are treatments avaliable but you have to find the correct treatment that meets your needs and medications that are very effective in treating depression and anxiety.I think the difference between feeling depressed and having depressing things happen to you is that when depressing things happen to you like they do to most people it's not something you can prevent,but being depressed is something you can deal with if you seek the right treatment and a given the correct meds for your particular depression and anxiety.All the best.
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I look as depression as a disease that you can try to treat the symptoms with medication and therapy.  And I think if you live long enough depressing things happen to ALL of us.  I think the difference is reaction and whether or not u are prone to depression.  Depression isn't just being "sad" I think it's a myth to believe that it is.  Don't get caught up in labels of depression and anxiety as well.  If you tell a kid he's "bad". He may believe it and maybe even start acting "bad" or worse.  Sometimes negative messages can affect who u are.  Unfortunately I know a lot about anxiety and depression.  And u got to fight it.  Don't take one opinion either.  Get a second opinion or third .  ( infact keep getting opinions til u get the one u like ). A little humor.  Seriously, hang in there.  Trying to help u.  U aren't alone.  All the best.
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There IS a difference between acute depression that is conditional (depression as a result of tragic events, stress, etc) and chronic depression.  

However, what is important is that treatment is sought, because even depression that results from a life event could worsen without treatment.  The depressive symptoms don't always go away once the trigger is gone.
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Depressing things like death in a family, divorce, losing a job, etc will certainly cause depression, it is only natural because you have suffered a loss of some sort. The only difference is the how long this depression lasts. There is no real formula for this but most experts do say that if you have depression for more than 2 weeks than you should seek professional help. It is only natural for it to last longer than that especially after a death, it will go on longer, but for years, no, that is a depression that needs psychiatric attention immediately.
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Thanks to everyone for responding.  You all gave me good info.  I've been a little weirded out to be taking meds for this but from what you say I have to admit....  I qualify.  I've had 2 different people diagnose me and a 3rd that I'm doing talk therapy with.  The causes are all in what was suggested.  Serious relationship disaster, health and finance.  Humm  did I miss one?  ;-)  The meds and the talk therapy have made things better.  Its subtle (or slow?) changes with these things so its kind of hard to "get" this.

Thanks again.
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