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How do you get through to the other side?
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How do you get through to the other side?

How do you pick yourself up and try to live normally when you feel empty and anxious inside and all you want to do is cry?  Do you people get through depression without antidepressants and become happy again?
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Hi, maybe each individual with depression reacts in their own way as not understanding why the feelings exist adds to the sadness. I was never clinicly diagnosed with depression but must say that during my life ive had some really bad feelings myself.
For me it was a wakeup call that i needed to change the direction my life was going, and more to the point, to make my life successful, which i did.
When i filled the down time with very creative ideas, there was no longer room in the day to feel bad and to the contrary, my life became exciting.

If a person suffers from a chemical imbalance, which leads to the depression, then i would think that the proper medication would be needed as an aide..
I read an interesting book about how sleep was  related to depression. It was just a theory, but tests performed showed that there was  some strong evidence that they are indeed related.
People constantly have thoughts and what if's and see things. All these images go into the subconscious and are stored away. The reason for this as gives us pre notions about how to handle any future situation.

Researchers discovered that there are 2 kinds sleep. One is light sleep where the brain has not shut down the body functions and the other is rem sleep where the body is shut down.

In rem sleep tests on people showed that the dreams were of a violent and depressed nature, and lasted a specific sleep time but the light sleep dreams were happy and cheerful dreams. The testers were awakened during the dreams and wrote them down and also spoke into a micophone about the dream. They theorize that the bad rem sleep dreams was a way that nature lets people live out bad situations without real life consequenses
Some of the people tested had many more rem dreams and also lasted much longer than the normal dream time.
The researchers concluded that these more frequent and longer lasting rem dreamers could be affected with depression as their waking moments would be filled with subconscious unresolved scary rem dreams.
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