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Need help, New here.
Jimmi Hendrix said it best.
   Manic Depression is a frustrating mess...... I am a 48 year old male from Flint Michigan. I have suffered with depressions for over 20 years. Lots of doctors revolving doors. No on going support. They have given me every kind of mental medication they can think of. My body does not tolorate them well. I like the one the doctor prescribed me that was for use in a hospital setting. Thank God, some one was here at my home to keep me alive. My question is support groups in my area. Twice a month, most at a hospital or church just is not going to cut it. I need to vent and talk more then that. I have anger, bitter, temper all rising to a alarming level. Does any one know of a local group like AA or NA that I could go to in my area? I need at least once a week, if not more. I one I love lives here with me and is taking the brunt of my pain. Anger has no place so close or near her. Please if any one knows of any self help groups that meet in my area more then twice a month could you please contact me. I am losing it.  I also want to thank every one on here. I know what you are going through. Its painful and hurts every one around you. I wish you all peace and tranquility. Or just a moment of bliss... God Bless You All
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