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Please Help! Effexor, neutropenia and peanut allergies
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Please Help! Effexor, neutropenia and peanut allergies

Hi, i´ve been on Effexor for almost a year. Let me tell you my story and ask you if you´ve had similar problems.
My doctor and I tried several medications until we found that Effexor and Prozac were the right mix for me. I can´t complain because after 2 years with major depression, I found something that helped. However, in the meantime I´ve become allergic to peanuts and ibuprofen. I have asthma and allergies since I was a child, but I was never allergic to those items until a few months back.
Then, I had a routine blood test and found something scary, my neutrophil count was extremely low. I was feeling ok, but my doctor said I was at high risk of getting a deadly infection. However, nobody knew why I had this problem. The hematologist said I had to stop taking effexor and prozac to check if those medications were the cause of my problem.
I'm off prozac for a while now and I'm getting off Effexor now (which is a terrible experience) and want to know if somebody had similar problems to mine. We are suspecting an autoimmune disorder also, bur so far the doctors have discarded most of them.
Thank you!
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