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hi, i am taking wellbutrin sr 150mg in the morning, i was doing fine with that until i started taking another 150mg at 5 pm which my dr told me to do. i started having a heavy feeling on my chest, my throat feels like it is closing up, and i am worrying more then ever, i am only sleeping 2 to 3 hours a nite and i havent been able to eat much. has anyone else had these side effects? they r starting to scare me a little bit, i have an appt tomorrow afternoon about the med.
please if anyone has info on this please let me know!!!!
i have been on the sites about the med.
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i take exactly the same kind and dosage was you.. the sr .. 150 mg one in the morningand one at night. though everybodys body chemistry is different this is what happened with me..

its been a month now since i have been on this and all side effects have vanished. i actually do not feel well if i forget a dose (headache, nausea, fatigue) ... but on it i feel great most of the time.

i had that heaviness / tightness in the lungs the first week or so but i just stayed calm and kind of saw through it.. i'm not saying you should do this. talk to your doctor. but i did experience this as well but it went away fairly quickly. however, i did not experience the lack of sleep.
t first it did give me a sort of high and i had more energy but now i just feel balanced and normal in regards to sleeping patterns i sleep a bit more than i used to and deeper, deep sleep.

def talk to our doctor. but also remember if you're feeling a bit paranoid or like worrying too much, a lot of it could be in your head and youre making yourself feel this way... i know because its a big adjustment, realization and step to begin medication. for the first while you do doubt it and its scary and you feel like u might be losing control of yourself because you start to feel different. only you can decide which way is better. remember you can always go back to how you were before.. but i think you need to give something a shot long enough to figure out which way is better.

so to answer your question yes i had side effects like youre speaking of.. but they went away after a couple weeks and kept getting better and less and less. how long ahve u been on it?
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hi, thanks for responding. i was on the med for about 2 weeks. i call my dr and he took me off the med, b/c i was having such bad side effects. i have a appt in a couple of weeks so he will put me on something else. but after i stopped taking it for a couple of days all the side effects stopped. and yes it was very scary!!!!!

thanks again!!!!!!!!!
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