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Save me.

The last 4 years of my life I've been living in Shanghai China. We lived in an western community with many other westerners like us. Im an American and my family had expatriated over there for my dads business. We just recently moved back to the United States (for good) about 3 weeks ago.
I miss my friends terribly, my football and baseball team, everything. It honestly meant the world to me and now its gone. Forever. I know Im not going to be able to see those kids again for a very long time, if I do at all. I wish I would have cherished what I had there more than I did. I didn't realize how good I had it until now that its gone. I was captain of my baseball team, and played center for football. I had everything I could have wanted. Our football team was the 2010 Champions.
I remember my very last week in China, our baseball team was invited to go on trip to Southern China and compete in a tournament, we came in second place which I was very proud of. But what I take away most from that trip was all the great times I had with my team. They were my true best friends. And I know realize that I won't ever see a one of them again. They will go on to play in other tournaments and win games... But without me.
I went to an awesome school were I had people who cared about me and that I shared many great times with. I think about my last day, walking though the halls of my school, cleaning out my locker, saying goodbye to my friends. It tears me apart. Now Ill be going to a school where no one knows me. I live in a place where everyone is fat and the kids all pretend to be something there not.
School hasn't started for me yet. I have no one. Im so alone. I want my friends back. I'm 7,000 miles away from the place I called home and I wont ever be able to go back. Im so empty now. I cried as I wrote this, I don't know what to do anymore... Save me.
Advice or encouragement would be great
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God i understand  ,seriously .... it ***** but unfortunately it is what it is..can you keep in touch with your old friends with skype and facebook,twitter  ? in just two years you can return or find out where your old friends  are all going to college  and go to to college with your old friends.Seriously, I found with going to 13 different schools before American H-school you should join SPORTS every season -just think of it as a way to keep in shape and I promise you ,YOU will meet some cool people you want to hang out with!  TAKE UP some other things like music ,that helps too,a guy with a song and a guitar is a major chic magnet :)    
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