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Seroquel withdrawal?? Please help me
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Seroquel withdrawal?? Please help me

first of all, please excuse me for bad english.
I am from germany and I translate all my symptoms into english, because I recognized that
on english internetsides there are more people dicussing and speaking about seroquel withdrawal, than on german sites.

In fact, on german sites, I cannot find a lot of information, there are more english sites, where I can find similar symptoms which I have
by seroquel withdrawal.

Ok, I don´t really know, if my symptoms are really caused by stopping taking seroquel.
I took it for 4 years and I did not take any other medicine. Also today I don´t take any other medicine.
After several therapies and rehabilitations I really feel healthy, phsyically solid.
Also my contacts in the rehabilitaion confirmed it to me, my familiy and all the other people I have contact to.
It is not, that I need this confirmation because I know and I feel that I am fine and stable.
I just mention it, because some people scrutinize that I am physically healthy, because of my symptoms.
I never had so symptoms before and I really feel so physically good as in a way never before.

The reason I got seroquel was my mood changes.
The doctors said that it woul help me- if I feel bad then I don´t feel too bad.
It was good and I am thankful, that there are medicines like seroquel.

I reduced seroquel in little steps from 400 mg to at least 50 mg and stopped taking it then one day, that is about four months ago.
I reduced it with the help of a social worker, who made it with me after consultation with a doctor.
The social worker works for a hospital and takes care for physically ill people.

The last four months I had following symptoms:
- scam
- shivering, it begins in the morning, when i wake up, it often goes through my backbone and into my head
- itching inside (!) my stomach and my brain
- feeling like there is electricity on my body, prickling in my legs
- headaches
- feeling like there is pressure on my thorax
- feeling like there is a lump in my throat
- allodromy
- often extremely tired, esspecially when I have this shivering inside. My sleep is ok, I recognize I have problems
wiht fall into sleep but I can handle it and sleep well and long if I want to.

When the symptoms got more and more extreme, I was in Italy for six weeks so I went to a doctor in Italy and he could not really help me.
It got problems with my stomach and one day I ate something and got fever and chills.
So I had to stop my travel and go to Germany.
I could not eat something expect gruel for two weeks because I had the feeling my stomach breaks and my
heart began to race, when I eat something, also the gruel.
My doctor in germany says I have a gastritis and he said, I should take seroquel again, he thinks that I am nervous
and so on...
But -I am really not.
My doctor knows me for several years of physically illness and now he don´t recognize that I am healthy in a way.
I understand him, really. Its hard to believe for him.

Everybody who gets out of a physically illness might know, that the doctors have prejudices or they put
us in a drawer.

Ok, I changed my doctor, got a gastroscopy, and there is no problem in my stomach. Also all the blood level tests,
they are all ok.
I don´t really know what to do.
Today I can eat all again, but I still have problems with the same symptoms
- headaches
- shivering
- electricity feeling in my body
- lump in my throat
- allodromy
- itching - really bad itching inside my stomach and my brain. It is bad, I can´t do anything.
The symptoms are not during all the day, they are coming and going, but really every day and one day more bad, one more less.
I can´t really live with this symptoms, no. They are getting in a way better, it was worse last months, yes.
I want to help me, so I am looking for help, also in the internet.

Can anybody help me, tell me something? Have an idea?
I talked to a neurologist, but when I mentioned Seroquel, he just said I should take it again.
I never had such symptoms before, I don´t have any more problems with mood changes, I cannot believe that this is his serious meaning.

That is the answer from the doctors? Taking the medicine again, also if you are feeling stable and there ist no physical problem?
He saw me the first time, he made no real study of my body and thats it?!

By the way, I also visit one of my contacts of one rehabilitation. He is a social worker and he and his team saw me every day for one year and three months.
I made a professional rehabilitation where they helped me to get more stable and find a job.
It was hard work and I learned a lot.
The social worker knows me in a way, he talked to me every week for minimum one hour, often more.
He said, that he don´t think that taking seroquel again is a solution. He also don´t really understand this thoughts.
He encouraged me, that I always had a good self-assessment. And I did not ask him for his opinion, I only wanted to visit him.
He confirmed me in what I am thinking.
Oh, you can see by the last lines, I am in a way angry about the doctors reactions.

So, I feel myself again in the last months, I feel better than before,
but my body has now problems. And I don´t know how to help him.
I eat healthy, I am a vegetarian and take care of it. I go out every day with my dog for an hour. I make things with my friends, it is all ok, but
my body is ill.

I also went to a homeopath who thought of histamine intolerance but my doctor don´t want to test me
because he sees no sign for it. But if I read of the symptoms in the internet, I see signs.
And- there are also the discussions about seroquel and his effect on the histamine receptoren?!

Uff, sorry, I wrote a lot. and my english, oh no ;-)
Do you think I have seroquel withdrawal for so long?
Are that symptoms for withdrawal. Please I need help, what can I do?
By Baba!

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I can't  say that I experienced any of these when I cam off my Seroquel for a while when I got out of treatment.  I couldn't sleep and I went manic but I experienced none of these.  Why did you come off of the Seroquel in the first place?  If you think that it would take this away and you are feeling like you cannot tolerate life without it, why don't you try it again and see if it helps.  Regardless of what you r dr says, you have to advocate for yourself.  They do not have to live with this, you go.
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1551327 tn?1414146344
I can't  say that I experienced any of these when I cam off my Seroquel for a while when I got out of treatment.  I couldn't sleep and I went manic but I experienced none of these.  Why did you come off of the Seroquel in the first place?  If you think that it would take this away and you are feeling like you cannot tolerate life without it, why don't you try it again and see if it helps.  Regardless of what you r dr says, you have to advocate for yourself.  They do not have to live with this, you go.
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thanks for the answer. By accident I yet marked you as the best answer :-)
I come off the seroquel because I feel healthy now.
During the last years I handle my past and cried a lot, in fact.
But now, I am looking forward into my future, my life has completely changed, my attitude towards problems, my behaviour and also my feeling.
Oh, and I can think of my past without any big emotions, there were bad times, yes. but I handled it. And- today I know, there were also good times ;-)
Thanks a lot for your answer. It is right from you, to ask why not take it again?
It is hard to explain, but I feel healthy and I know I am.
I don´t want to 'test' Seroquel again, because of my body.
I want to help him and I say I cannot life in this way, because of the itching and my symptoms. But I live with it for four months and will further do until I find an answer.
I can live without seroquel, there's no reason to take it again. The symptoms, why I took seroquel, they are gone.
As I am sure that in the beginning I really had withdrawal effects, I don´t want to make this again and make more trouble in my body again.
I heard from several people, they don´t have these symptoms especially so long, I am not sure, if it is the withdrawal of serqouel.
Bye Baba
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I understand your fears.  I feel pretty good right now and a LOT of us make the mistake of coming off of our medicine when we start feeling better.  I did it last year and I payed horribly for it.  I am sure you know that the Seroguel has anti anxiety, anti depressant, and mood stabilization properties.  That is why I said to give it another chance.

Good Luck friend,

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Yes, I know it has this properties. And that is why I don´t need it anymore.
Yes, I know that many of us do this mistake. But I felt better fo a longer time, so I don´t want to discuss taking it any longer. That is not the solution for me. Thanks a lot and all the good to you, Baba

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Hi, I have no personal experience on these medications, but feel like suggesting that you may benefit from more vigorous regular activity. If you say you feel healthy but itching inside, I can't think of anything better than finding a qualified top Pilates or yoga teacher and join their class. Same for shivering inside, a mindful activity that is not too strenuous but gets you moving. I'm living with a depressed husband who drives me angry and mad sometimes. I found Pilates helps me feel more grounded and relaxed. Good luck.
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For me after, after 36 hours without my seroquel I start to have major withdraw.  I get cold, then hot, then cold sweats.  I get nauseous and then I get emotional.  It's like you see on tv when drug addicts are withdrawing.  I am going through it right now because the pharmacy screwed up my renewals.  I take 350mg a day and I do great with it and my other meds, but I really do not like feeing an addict when I don't have it.  I have been told that it is not addictive, but my symptoms say otherwise.
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I have many of the same symptoms you do. I couldn't even get my oil changed today because of the extreme pain, visual issues, and vomiting and flu like symptoms, itching, and sweating.

It entirely depends on your body, how long you have been taking it, and how high your dose was. It can take anywhere from four months to a full year to be completely rid of the withdrawal effects. They will slowly lessen, for a long time if anything strange is going on with you just look up Seroquel withdrawal and note that your symptom is on the list and try to remind yourself so it doesn't cause undue anxiety or stress. Knowing what is going on with your body will help you deal with it. Strangely, Benedryl seems to help many of the withdrawal symptoms, especially the itching. Additionally melatonin and Gasx/peppermint oil can help relieve a lot of the side effects of Seroquel withdrawal. Flexiril can help with the twitching and spasms. I'm going through my third time withdrawaling from Seroquel, this time I was up to 1200mg for about the last five or six years. I've been stepping down every two weeks for about four months. At first it isn't that bad but when you get to around half of your previous dose you will start to notice major withdrawal symptoms. I'm tapered down to 75mg right now and I feel like I'm going to die today, it's been one week since my last step down. It seems like two days after and seven days after lowering tend to be my worst days. Even though my body and mind are attacking me and I'm not getting enough sleep, I definitely notice much more clarity and drive than I had when I was a zombie because of the Seroquel. Rather than tossing and turning or watching tv all night do some research and really educate yourself on what is happening to you. A lot is happening and understanding that will make it easier to deal. Last time I came off it the withdrawal symptoms lasted about 8 months from the date of my last dose.
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