Wellbutrin and 5HTP safe to take together?
by Ramani, Feb 25, 2007
I have been taking Wellbutrin 450mg/day + remeron 7.5mg./day for about 4 years now.   Since going down on my hormone replacement therapy, this doesn't seem to be working, and I feel myself depressed again.  My doctor wants me to take 5HTP and also tyrosine to remedy my neurotransmitters so I can feel good again.
I have heard the combination of Wellbutrin and 5HTP is not safe.
Is this true?
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by mallard2904, Mar 25, 2007
I am hoping that someone can give you an answer to your question because that is the same question I have.
by Amanda1081, Feb 27, 2008
I also take wellbutrin 300mg a day. I asked my pharmacist if it was safe to take 5htp with it and he said yes but take at least 2 hours apart.
by eatmydust, Feb 27, 2008
I believe Wellbutrin is kinda a multi purpose drug that is a starter drug, that doesn't do much of anything for real problems. They gave it to me to help quit smoking.
by eatmydust, Feb 27, 2008
THE BEST PERSON TO ASK FOR A QUICK ANSWER IS A PHARMACIST. Walgrees is open 24 hours. The Pharmacist knows more about drugs then the doctor
by Krushdice, Feb 27, 2008
I'm taking 450mgs Wellbutrin, 30mg Paroxitine  and 30mgs Remeron daily.  Plus I've added the Ltyrosine and 900mgs Lithium.   Just within the past week I've begun to feel energized.   Before I'd limp thru each day just wanting to lay down.   This fatigue comes and goes, duration is however it decides to linger.
Hang in there Ramani.  It's worth fighting to get a handle on this pest.  Doctors don't like it but I do experiment with my meds and herbal supplements.  Mind you I never take more than what is prescribed.   Times I take the rx's is what I play with.  
And for herbs, I swear by Valerian Root for sleeping when RLS visits.  Then in the am Ltyrosine is in my mix for a bit more energy.  I don't know if this is working or not but it's not doing any harm.

by savykat, Mar 28, 2012
I have been on Wellbutrin XL 300 mg for the past 6 months.  Anxiety is still a problem and after some research I began taking 5htp last week.  It is still relatively new to say much about it, but I have had MUCH less anxiety in the past 4 days.

In regards to my research, Burprorion/Wellbutrin is a DOPAMINE and NORAPANEPHRINE reuptake inhibitors and 5-htp is a SEROTININ precurser, so the two should not pose a problem.  

I definitely would suggest taking it later in the day (afternoon/lunch) if you are taking the time release 5HTP (200 mg)