What are the side efftects of Stalopam and Anxit in long turn?
by sarigama, May 03, 2008
I am taking 5 mg stalopam daily from about a year for depression along with Anxit 0.25mg , If i did not take these two tablet  I will not be able to sleep and  I feel very much depressed and get cravings, what are the side effects of this tablet (I am 41 years old and have PMS problems). Will you pls inform what happens if i take these 2 tablets for long time?
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by ramesh18, Nov 09, 2008
what are the diffets this tablet used
by Iqi, Jul 01, 2009
This drug has been banned in many countires. A highly reputed doc says that it shoudl be used only for a very brief period. So please take care and infirm all who take this drug to escape from anxiousness. You may need a doc advise instead of self prescribing anxit endlessly. Unfortunately, If one doesn't refre this to specialist, I see even other doctors (non pysciatric) / general physicians prescribe this to patients and this becomes a hbit for the patient who may not refer to the doctor again as he/ she is getting necessary relief. Thus endup in a very bad trap.