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Zoloft HELP
I have been on Zoloft since I was 11 years old. (22 now) I dont really know why I was put on it... something to do with my emotions, seeing things, and the absolute certainty that children cannot have "schitsophrenic" episodes. (sorry about the spelling). I ended up at 250mg a day. Along with Rispiridol (sp?) (by the time I was 16).

I was then perscribed Seroquel and Lithium. And told they still had no diagnosis (even after being in the hospital) but I COULD have Borderline Personality Disorder with a Dependant Personality and Bipolar tendancies, or just Bipolar or something totally different.

I usually go through a "I hate all meds" stage... so i have demedicated myself to only the 1050mg of Lithium split over three times a day, and over two years I managed to get myself to 100mg of Zoloft.

Yay me.  What I want to know is if Zoloft can cause any adverse side effects on the maturing adolecent body.

It says not recommended for people under 18. Since I started taking Zoloft at 11, they have discovered I have an ovary that did not devolope fully. I have had numerous stomach problems, and now I am faced with the possibility of premature ovarian failure, or something else that would have made me have secondary Amenorrhea for over 2 years.

Im grasping at straws here. All I know is that I cannot miss a single day without feeling like a wreck. The lithium isnt as bad. The Zoloft Im almost ready to kill for by the second day of a missed dose. I am also plagued by the worst migraines in history usually lasting a week or more.

Any insite into the issue would be appreciated.

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