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compulsive lieing and depressed
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compulsive lieing and depressed

I am a compulsive lier.  I don't know why i do it i don't even mean to do it. But i am.. It gets worse and worse then i start to do better and i make up some huge one.  I NEED HELP....  I just went through a really bad break up then my ex went out and told everybody i was lieing about everything... even things that i am not. but no one believes anything i say now. nothing... Now i have no friends all of them hate me... i am alone, soooo depressed and i don't know what to do.. None of my friends will even let me talk to them... I just want to die....please help i don't know what to do anymore and i can't take it anymore
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See a therapist to help you overcome this habit. you can do it . you have demonstrated the want to stop now the therapist can give you the tools you need to quit.
Love Venora
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I think your need to acknowledge it and want to change say's alot.  I totally agree with Venora on getting help from a therapist. Depression has many side effect's and sadley this is one of them. I'm sure if your friends knew that you are willing to seek help for this that it is a sickness that they will be there for you. Lying can hurt and distroy many relationship's espically when done delibertaly. And I'm sure now you understand that, so no need for me to badger you with any more of that.  Please, go and seek the help that you need for this. And you will be able to hold your head high and put this behind you.

Good Luck
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i am a 28 year old guy who has lied i think all my life,, i think it might of started when my parents wanted me to lie about them not being together as they was cheating the system (benefits) and i would claim free school dinners but would have to say my parents was apart so they would'nt get caught.
The lieing has progressed sometimes it can be just a small lie other times i can make the lie last for months,
i don't know why i do this but it seems that i have the need to have a problem in my life,but if there is no problems i need to make one (by lieing)
i have also stolen monies before, which i hate myself for but this whole lieing thing seems to be one big vicious circle which i can't seem to get out of,,
do i do this for attention??
do i have low self esteem??
am i depressed?? OR
am i just a out and out liar
i don't want to be this person,, but i also know i can be one of the most caring considerate unselfish people there is.
i have caused hurt for my family in the past and now i'm causing hurt for my partner which has just given birth to my child-- and the last thing i want is to pass these traites on to my child or let her down.
i have been to the doctors and i am on a list awaiting counselling but what do i do in the mean time..? i don't want to lie any more.
if anyone has advice or has  been through this themselves then please leave some feedback.
Thanks for taking your time to read

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What you can do is to choose truth. You're going to notice that it is much easier to live without keeping check on all the stories.

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