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defeated from all ends
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defeated from all ends

I am feeling very defeated. At the moment i could say I've lost just about everything. I am barely holding onto a job that doesnt always make ends meet. I broke up with the father of my two year old child because of problems we were having getting along and foolishly fell into another relationship. We do not have health insurance, i am living at my mothers, im late on car payments and now deeply in debt for breaking my apartment lease. My mother is paying for my daughters child care becauseu do not get any current child support. I feel like i have onowhere to go and noone to talk to because i have been so out of touch with my friends due to my last relationship. But im not happywhere i am, its just so hard for me to end itnow. Ive gotten too invested. All i can do now is look at my beautiful little girl and think of how much ive messed it up and how im passing this mess of a life onto here. Please, help me.
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You have your whole life ahead of you and a beautiful little daughter. Sometimes it's so easy to look at the bad things that are happening in our lives and overlook the good things. It's great that you and your little girl have a place to live and your mom is helping both of you. Try to hang in there. Make small payments on your apartment lease. That's all you can do right now and you will eventually get it paid off. I don't know you but I have to say I'm proud of you for wanting to make changes in you and your daughters lives. Is there any way you can get counseling? I think it would really help your depression, which it sounds like that's what you have.
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i agree with remar girl and if you ever need to talk message me
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Things do sound tough for you right now but you have some good things too. Your beautiful daughter and your wonderful mother who is helping you. Now you must file for child support somehow. Call the court systems, and do research on the internet on finding ways to get started so that he pays for his daughter too.
Also, I was in a tough bind a while back financially and I called a few credit counseling centers on the phone. What they do is they gather your bills and they negotiate the bills for you from the companies that you owe money to. There are some that do not charge for this so really look around. It made paying my bills easier and I was able to start saving money.
Don't know if that is an option for you but it is worth a try. It's done all on the phone and they send you the contract and you sign and they take care of the rest and you get one reduced, consolidated bill that is manageable.
If not do more research for your situation and maybe there is an agency that can help you and your situation.
There is always a way out if you look for it.
Remember, God helps those who help themselves.
Best wishes,
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