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feel the benfits


i have been on lexapro 30mgs for awhile along with ativan 1 mg 3x a day if needed plus dr started 1mg abilify about 2 months ago.

this combo no longer does the trick. i feel depressed, not deep dark depressed, just blah.

anyway i went to the dr and she stopped the abilfy, is tapering me off lexapro by 10 mgs a week, added wellbutrion xl and seroquel xl.

it's only been a few days. the only thing i feel different with is this appetite. i'm hungry for hours after i take the seroquel. i feel a little dizzy and sleepy. can someone tell me what this drug is suspose to do for anxiety and depression?i take 200mgs seroquel and 150 mgs of the wellbutrion xl.

has anyone taken this combo with good results.

i'm begining to feel the effects of the lower dose of lexapro. it's those brain zaps. like a light electrical  shock. what other withdraws can i expect. the dr did say that using the wellbutrion will help with the tapering off effects.

i've read where the seroquel can make me like a zombie, which i already feel like. and the wellbutrion can make me feel like i'm speeding.

i don't know what to expect from this combo. guess i'll wait and see. but i'm a little afraid of the seroquel. i develpoed a bad twitching in the right side of my face from the abilify. and it was only 1mg.

hope someone has some answers.

thank you
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Avatar m tn
Is this a Psychiatrist that made this med change for you or a regular MD?
Reason I ask is simply because to take a patient from Lexapro 30mgs with Abilify and switch them to Welbutrin and Seroquel is kind of an odd change.

Welbutrin can be a good add on antidepressant to SSRI's and SNRI's, but is not so effective as a solo antidepressant in most cases. Seroquel is really nothing more than just an altered seditive and will do little for depression.

Welbutrin is just a Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor. It will do nothing to address Serotonin or Norephinepherine which are the two key players in Major depression more so than Dopamine is.

I would question your doctors expertice in terms of prescribing Psychotropic medications.
Avatar f tn
my dr is a psyc dr.

she had decieded to take me off lexapro because i've been on it over 5 years and it's not helping with my depression, took me off abilify because of twitching.

the way she explained it. wellburtion cause anxiety in people with anxiety or ocd disorders. but i had choose this antidepressant because it can help a person stop smoking so with that she added the seroquel to off set the anxiety that is susposed to be caused by the wellbutrion. thing is i have a script for ativan for anxiety and i also take ambien at night for sleep.

this seroquel knocks me out. i'm suspose to take it around 4pm so i don't have a hang over effects in the morning. about an hour after i take it i'm a zombie. i fight to stay awake. this is something i hope will will pass. i can say that i have no trouble whatsoever falling or staying asleep for 8 plus hours. and i don't have a hang over feeling.

i've never heard of this combo either.

i just wonder if i really need the seroquel. i have ativan.

i do wonder how long it takes for the wellburtion to kick in. i'm having some slight withdraws from the lexapro i'm concerned how i'll feel when i cut back to 10mgs. i think she should have tapered me on 5mgs not 10. but she'd the doc.

maybe i'll be ok. i hope so. i hate this 'TRYING TO FIND THE RIGHT DRUG' phase

thank you for responding to my questions

Avatar m tn
Trust me I'm not suggesting you should have stayed on the Lexapro. I also used to take Lexapro 30Mgs a day. A great drug, but after a couple years it simply stoped working to control my depression and I had to switch.

When I used to take Zoloft 200Mgs a day (which never worked that great) my P-doc added Welbutrin as an augment to the Zoloft, hoping it would kick start an antidepressant effect with the two combined.

Three months later I had to change. I had no side effects from the Welbutrin, but I never had any positive effect from it either. It was like taking a sugar pill. I have heard it can help with smoking, but I remained at 2 packs a day whle on Welbutrin and it never did a thing for that either. My desire to smoke never changed.

I'm just supprised that your P-doc did not move you to either an SNRI or a Tri-cyclic after the Lexapro failed. No offence to Welbutrin, but I know of VERY few people with Moderate to severe depression that have found relief from Welbutrin.

I hope you are the exception. If it works it will take about 4 to 6 weeks to know.
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