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A second opinion?
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A second opinion?

Hi all

After consultation with a dermatologist last week, I am looking for a second opinion on a few matters as I wasn't 100% satisfied with what she said.

My main question is regarding the problems I have been having with my face. I have had one small rough, reddish-pinkish scaly patch of skin on the side of my cheek, diagonally down from my mouth, for about a year. It is relatively flat and refuses to go away despite moisturising and exfoliating. It doesn't itch and it isn't painful.

Completely unrelated, recently I started using an expensive, "sensitive" skin care range (very high in alcohol content!) that I know is the cause of my face breaking out in small almost flat red dots, mainly across my cheeks and around my mouth. Although my skin is quite sensitive, I did not have the problem before.

With these two symptoms combined, despite me telling the dermatologist the redness only occurred after using the skin care range, she told me that I had keratosis pilaris and rosacea and there wasn't anything I could do about it and neither will ever go away. Am I right in thinking it is just an allergic reaction instead of rosacea considering the timing - would anyone know of some good products I can use to repair my skin so to speak?

Is it possible that the dermatologist got confused between keratosis pilaris (my husband has this - inflamed 'pimple like' bumps all over his legs - nothing like the small patch on my face) and actinic keratosis? Actinic keratosis in the form of one small, red scaly patch of skin sounds exactly like the patch on my face? Is there anything I should do?

I was initially referred to the dermatologist for a mild petechial-type rash on my legs, ankles and feet (very small pin ***** sized dots - like bleeds under the skin). They do not itch or cause discomfort and other than being tired a lot despite sleeping well, and getting muscle pains, I am healthy. She advised that, although their very slight appearance on my legs is different to other cases she has seen, they are likely to be ''pigmented purpuric dermatitis". Upon looking up photos on Google, she was right - my rash certainly does not look anything like the photos of widespread, crusty rashes that are coming up - I was wondering if it could just be a mild case?

I don't mean to sound so critical of the dermatologist as I am not a doctor, but she was very dismissive and I was in and out within minutes, so I am just a little concerned. Especially when I paid a lot of money.

Thank you.

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