Abscess/Blister on my Anus from a thong?
by Eboni, Mar 07, 2008
I was dancing in a club for two hours last night and woke up with a HUGE blister-looking growth on my anus. It is about 2x as big as a jelly bean, and it is right at the opening, and is even covering it a bit. I'm wondering if it is from my thong, and the repeated rubbing from the dancing somehow really irritated and started some kind of infection or blister? It is quite painful and even is a dark color in two places... I'm terrified that it's a blood blister or something... I don't know what to do! When I push on it it feels like there is some type of liquid inside. Whether it is pus or blood or just liquid I really don't know. But the dark purpleish/black color to one side of it is really scaring me.

I don't have health insurance and I'm really low on money... I really want to try to take care of this myself. PLEASE help. I am really terrified. I'd also hate to have to tell my mother about it... I am only 19 and can't afford to go to the clinic myself...
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by kathrines, Mar 07, 2008
Sounds like a hemorrhoid to me. try some preparation H gel or wipes for a few days. Sitting in a really warm bath a few times a day also helps shrink these down.
by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Mar 08, 2008

Prior to this have you noted any changes in bowel movement lately?

Have you noted any itchiness or pain in the area?

Was there any history of trauma near the involved area or in the lower abdomen?

Differentials will be a skin infection (boil), a skin tag, hemorrhoids or warts. These are just differentials. You have noted that the lesion is bluish or purplish in color.This may suggest a vascular origin. Have you noted any enlargement or protrusion of the lesion when you strain?

A stool exam and a complete physical examination may be necessary. Do discuss this with your parents. This may not sound very urgent but a baseline assessment may be necessary.
by Penny64, Mar 09, 2008
Sounds like a boil.  If it is, it could resolve on it's own or to help it pus up faster apply a warm compress a couple times a day, boil a quart of water with salt added a tablespoon or two, soak a cloth in the water when it is at a temp you can handle. apply to the area. Try to do this a couple times a day and use a clean cloth each time and wash the ones you use well. Wash your hands well when done. Do not attempt to squeeze it, it will be tempting but do not, you could cause a systemic infection and boils to spread.  Eventually it may puss up and begin to ozz and drain. at this time you will need to wash your hands, drain the puss gently, then clean the site with antibacterial soap,  and apply some anti fungal/bacterial ointment.  I use Tea Tree oil my self.  Place a clean bandage on it and wash your hands well and change your under garments daily if not during each bandage change. Do this a couple times a day. Usually from first sign to drainage it may be a week or two. and one or more to heal.  Do not put make up on it to disquise for dancing, this could cause more infection. If you do not notice any improvement after two weeks consult a Doctor.  Some towns have free clinics.
by Theabear23, Jul 22, 2014
I Am Having The Exact Same Problem Ektp My Thong Was Rubbing Aganst My Rear All Day While I Was At Work I Am Very Worried An Would Love Some Answers Thanks.Theabear23