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Base of Penis Rash for 3+ Months
Hello Dr.

I feel like I've been plauged by sexual organ issues for over a year now. I have been tested for ever STD known to man, with the exception of Herpes, as in Canada I have been told I need to have "Lesions" to have a proper test completed. I am not sexually active; the last time I've had any-sort of sexual contact has been since August 2006.

This rash has been around for about 3 months and it continues to worsen. There is no secondary symptoms other then redness; no itchiness, no pain; just a spreading "redness." It almost looks like scarred skin. The redness does get worse with masturation; and it is spreading up the shaft of my penis. I did stop masturbating for a few weeks and it did subdue the redness; however it comes back as soon as there is any friction.

Since my sexual encounter in 2006, I continue have a prickling/sharp-itch sensations in my testicles on a daily basis that come and go. Naturally; I feel like I have an STD; namely HSV, however I have no idea if the rash I have is a sign/symptom of this STD. As such I have abstained from any sexual contact with my girlfriend until I can get some conclusive direction as I do not trust myself and have done everyting in my power to get to the bottom of this.

Do you have any insight Dr.? Could it be HSV? Could my rash be something else? Any thought on the daily scrotal symptoms?

Thank you yet again! Below are pictures of my condition:

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The pictures you include show eczema of the penis.  You need some weak hydrocortisone (1% should do) twice a day for a week, then nothing.  You clearly need a propoer dermatologic diagnosis, as well as considerable counseling to deal with your profound sexual hypochondria.  The tingling sensations etc. are surely mostly if not completely anxiety-related and do not suggest herpes or anything else.  It's time for you to resume normal life and stop obsessing in this way.  Please get the help you need.

Good luck.

Dr. Rockoff
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