Blackhead bumps around anus
by ThinQ, Jan 20, 2009
Ok, First lemme start off by saying by butt usually sweats alot. Everyone once in a blue moon but anus will start itching, typically i scratch it and after washing really good it goes away after a day. Well yesterday i got a wild hair and decided to take a look at what the heck was making my arse itch. Using a mirror i was able to see some blackhead like bumps around my anus. I popped a couple of them and they just appeared to big big blackheads. They were very liquidy - I would compare them to a blackhead type substance. Shortly after i popped them the itchyness went away. The very next day i checked to see what was up - and no redness or ichyness was noticed.

Have any idea what i may be dealing with?
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by ThinQ, Jan 20, 2009
I meant to say "They werent liquidy"
by Moonluminata, Jun 14, 2013
I live out in a wooded area and found a tick on my back. So, I decided to do a thorough check all over my body with a mirror because I am by myself.When I looked around my anus, I noticed the same kind of thing. I sqeezed as well, and a blackhead type substance came out. I can't seem to find any answers online reguarding what this could have come from, or be a symptom of. Please! If you get any real answers email me at ***@****  I am sort of freaked out about it, and if it's nothing to be concernded with cool, but if it's something that could be something serious...I need to know. I rarely see a physician due to a lack of finances and insurance...but if I must...I must.  I am so glad that there's Someone out there who has the same's somehow comforting to me.