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Boils on upper back and neck
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Boils on upper back and neck

For many years I’ve had large reoccurring boils on my upper back. Occasionally I get them on my neck as well. They are a constant source of pain and shame. Recently I’ve been trying once again to get rid of them. But nothing works. Here’s what I’ve been trying:

1. Multivitamin to boost my immune system and overall health
2. A healthy diet consisting of vegetables, lean meats and occasional fruit.
3. Trilex herbal tea, formulated for skin health.
4. Antibacterial body wash.
5. I’ve been making sure to take off my shirt before bed each night to help the skin on my back breath.
6. No more hot showers that could damage the outer layer of my skin, I hear that makes it easy for staph to get in.
7. I got tested for diabetes. I don’t have it.
8. I moved from Seattle to Los Angeles for a while and it helped lessen the condition. I assume it has something to do with the dry heat. But I’m back in Seattle now.
9. For a while I lived in Wyoming working a hard job on the drilling rigs. This also helped to alleviate the condition; I actually went about a month and a half without a boil. But I don’t work there anymore.
10. A long time ago I took antibiotics for it. They killed the boils, but when the antibiotics ran out the boils came back.

I’ve heard that staph can colonize your nose and from there re-infect your skin. Perhaps I should try some sort of nasal spray? How would I know if my nose was colonized?

Does that even make sense? Doesn’t staph exist all over in a moist environment like Washington? Even if I removed the staph from by noes, wouldn’t I just inhale more staph and be re-infected?

I’ve heard that blood problems can cause reoccurring boils. But I can’t find info on what types of blood problems can do that, or how I can fix these problems.

The only real solution I’ve ever been offered was taking antibiotics permanently. But that just doesn’t seem right to me.

Can anyone out there help me? Or is this a condition that can’t be cured?
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email me at ***@**** ur food intake breakfast , lunch, snacks, dinner and anyother inbetween meals that u consume. Also ur excerses details and work timings. Roshan
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