Bruise-Like Spot that Itches
by mshoffman, Aug 11, 2008

Caucasian Male
32 yrs old
Healthy (I think)

For the past 8-10 months I've had a spot under my right chest that is about 1 inch in diameter and looks like a fading bruise.  I never gave it much attention but have noticed over the past week or so that it's itching on and off.  It may have itched before and I just didn't notice.  I've been putting moisturizing cream on it but it doesn't seem to do any good.  It doesn't itch all of the time, just sometimes, most notably when I'm trying to sleep.  It isn't raised and feels just like the skin next to it.

Any help is appreciated.
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by mshoffman, Aug 14, 2008
Any help on this is appreciated.
by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Aug 14, 2008

You have noted this patch of skin to be similar to a "fading bruise". I would assume then that this may be bluish or purplish in color. You have also noted some itchiness on the area and this has been chronic after having been present for the past 8 months. If this is the case, then we have to rule out a fungal infection or a hematoma here. Hematomas may be due to bleeding disorders. In your case however, this has been present for 8 months and you have not mentioned whether this has spread to other parts of the body or increased in size. Thus, a hematoma may not be likely here.

A fungal infection may be likely here. It has been present for 8 months already and itchiness is also noted. Applying 0.05% Fluocinonide cream and a topical antifungal over the area may be able to help. Do not apply the fluocinonide for more than one week. See if this responds to the medications in 3 days. If it worsens, have this assessed by your doctor. Apply only in affected areas and not on normal skin.
by mshoffman, Aug 14, 2008
Thanks very much for the response.

It actually just looks like a really tan spot, not blue or purple.  It is more oblong, kind of like an oval.  It hasn't noticeably increased in size ever, and lately the itching is a little bit better.

Just want to set my mind at ease that this isn't something awful (like cancer)...
by dterecieslar, Aug 16, 2008
Hi.  I have a similar spot on my back I'm worried about.  I came online to look for answers.  I thought it might be cancer too.  If you find any information, please post it.  I'll do the same.

25 year old

by shykitte, Sep 17, 2009
Did your bruise ever get better?  I have one on my thigh, same thing, only I've had it longer, like a couple of years.  I've actually been ignoring it, but its been itching occasionally of late.  I'm afraid its some sort of skin cancer so I'm going to check it out next week or so.....
by bruiserbruiser, Apr 01, 2011
I have something very similar.

I have a bruise-like patch above my stomach for the last 10 years or so. It is an oval shape that measures about 2 inches by 1 inch. Looks more like a tan that is darker than the rest of my body. Sometimes it itches, most of the time it doesn't. The itch is not on the surface but seems to be just beneath the skin. It hasn't grown for the last 10 years and the intensity of the itch was what it used to be when it started. The bruise-like patch feels like the rest of my skin, just darker.

Can someone please advise? I have a picture, unfortunately I can't post it here.

by bruiserbruiser, Apr 01, 2011
I added a profile picture showing the bruise-like patch just above my stomach. The patch is very obvious because it is darker than the rest of my skin.

Thanks so much for any info!
by Shanema, May 09, 2013
Yeah I have something very similar except I have had it for a months and it has spread a lot. I started on my ribs but spread all the way to my hips an on my back. Had it checked by a dermatologist they took a biopsy I'll bring back any info they give me from the resultd