Bumps on face with sand-like crystals inside
by DoxieMommy, Jun 04, 2008
I have several bumps on my face that I recently one opened up and found a very hard, sand-like grain inside that is yellowish-white in color.  They are pretty well attached and do not squeeze out, had to practically cut them out with a hypodermic needle tip.  They start out small and enlarge until there is a bump which is noticable.  What causes these and how do I avoid getting more of them?  Thanks for your help.
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by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Jun 04, 2008

This may be a form of acne probably nodular in type. They may also be white heads. You may need to have this assessed by a dermatologist. I do not advise that you pick on these by yourself as this may only cause skin infections and further irritation.

If this is acne, refrain from touching the face. You may only irritate the skin and facilitate spread of bacteria.

Have you  been experiencing these for quite some time now?

Any known triggers?
by DoxieMommy, Jun 05, 2008

I forgot to mention that I am 50 years old, have not had acne for some 30 years.  These grains of "sand" are completely under the skin, with no redness or pustules on the surface.  They do not itch.  The only thing I see is the bump.  

I have had them for several years, but seem to bet getting a few more smaller ones.  I have an older sister that has many all over her face.  She had some removed but said it was too painful to have any more done.  They do not go away on her, either.  She has dry skin, I had oily skin as an adolescent but is not as oily now.

After I removed 3 of them I have had no problems, just a scab that has pretty much healed after a week.  I did cleanse the area well prior to and after.  There was quite a bit of bleeding following removal.  

No triggers that I can think of.  They do not just appear, like acne does. They have been there many years, I just decided to try to get one out because it had gotten so large and very noticable on my cheek.  My son thinks they could be some kind of calcium deposits that grow over time, since they have the consistency of sand - who knows ???  

by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Jun 05, 2008

Thank you for the update.

Do you have similar skin condition in other parts of the body like the elbows, ears or the toes?

I would suggest that you have blood tests done to determine uric acid levels. Serum calcium levels and other electrolytes may also be necessary. A urinalysis to determine urinary uric acid levels may also be of help.

At this point , microscopic evaluation of these "sandlike" discharge from the bumps may give a diagnosis.

Is there any history of kidney disease or gout in the family?
by DoxieMommy, Jun 05, 2008
Thanks Vanessa,

No other places, but may be on on my chest.

My father is known to have had kidney stones.  I may have passed a bladder stone several years ago, and had recent symptoms of a possible stone but no diagnostic tests to indicate anything except for trace red blood cells on urine dip and some kidney pain last year.  

I may have had some gouty arthritis a few years ago in my large toe, but cleared up with discontinuing daily intake of high-fat dairy (ice cream) and eating red cherries every day.  Nothing since or prior to that.  I do, however, was diagnosed with psoriasis on my scalp last year, with the problem being present for the past 2-3 years.  I may have psoriatic arthritis starting to appear in my lower extremities (mother had psoriasis, brother has it, and my son has it),  don't know if that would have anything to do with it ???  

Thank you your replies and suggestions.  I will take your advice and seed medical attention for the blood and urine tests, and a biopsy.  

Have a great night.
by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Jun 06, 2008

This history you just posted appear to be contributory to what you have. As for the psoriatic lesions and arthritis, I can not say if the facial bumps are associated with this. Yes, do have this further assessed. I do not think this is an isolated skin condition. There seems to be a connection among all these disease conditions you have. The presence of a significant family history appears to be a factor also.

Drink plenty of water and exercise everyday to improve circulation.

by CaptainBlue, Jun 04, 2014
Sounds like a Milia. Its a fairly hard ball of oil the collects under the skin where there is no pore to squeeze it out through.  They are white but not usually as hard as sand. Usually occur under the thin skin under the eyes.  They come out easily if they are new. Just poke a hole and scoop it out with the needle. Older ones become attached and u have to dig them out by cutting behind them with the side of the needle tip. Hope this helps. ***@****
by c0nm0m, Jun 10, 2014
I have this same problem, This is the first person I have found that is also dealing with this. they are like hard crystalized stones down under the skin, not like whiteheads. I kept a couple to show my family. It is just on my face mostly around the inner cheek area.  I am 62 and remember that I started getting them when I was pregnant with my second son who is now 33, they never went away.  I have (or had) Prolactinemia where my pituitary gland produced too much prolactin.  At the time of the pregnancy I didn't know I had this, and had trouble getting pregnant with my 3rd child.  Once we found this out I took Parlodel to cut down my prolactin level which helped me to get pregnant.  I did not take the drug while pregnant though.  My guess is the high level of prolactin caused the bumps?  I do have oily skin (not as oily as it used to be).  I have been having some removed because my daughter is getting married in August, but it has been a long process, I wish there was another way to remove them.  The doctor said they look like calcifications of some kind but didn't know what caused it.
by India1234, Jun 16, 2014
I have this too. I have been to many dermatologist and estheticians all of whom tried to treat them like milia, there not. They can not be cut and squeezed out. I finally found an esthetician who will dig them out. Once she picks the skin away and they are exposed, they are still attached. She was amazed at the crystalline nature. Although there is quite a bit of digging, I've not gotten significant scars.

I started getting these when I was older and have never been pregnant.

If anyone find out what this is, especial what causes it, please let me know.

by Blondiespice, Aug 13, 2014
I have had the same thing, and I'm in my early 60's. They begin as red bumps, and they're very sore.  When I remove the crystals that are like salt  with some adherences, they feel as sore as glass splinters.  After I remove however many are in an area, they heal and as they are quite superficial, the scarring isn't too significant.  I had them primarily on my nose and around my mouth area, and along my marionette line to the jaw.  I've seen 2 dermatologists, and they both don't know what it is.  As I've had a few sessions of Restylane and Juvederm fillers, I thought it might be related but the doctor's said no.  They also told me, that I shouldn't remove them, that they will dissolve on their own.  I doubt this.  I'm in the medical skin care business and I teach aestheticians to do chemical peels, so I'm quite educated in dermatology.  This is definitely a unique condition,and I'm usually very against extractions with pimples and blackheads, but these are too painful to leave in.