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Burning itchy scalp
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Burning itchy scalp

When I itch my scalp I can see white stuff under my nails and in my hair. Since I can't see in the back of my head I had a family member look and they said it's like dandruff but not flakes? but there's a lot if you blow on it, it just falls out of my hair. I've changed my shampoo to head and sholders and it seem to not be making a difference. To me it feels like a dry itch where it burn's when you itch it. Also I'm loosing a lot more hair than normal in the shower. I even thought it could be head lice...but that was a no. Any help would be appreciated! thank you
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This could be seborrhoeic dermatitis. It is a skin disorder affecting the scalp, face, and trunk causing scaly, flaky, itchy, red skin. It particularly affects the sebum-gland rich areas of skin.

Side effects to inflammation may include temporary hair loss. If severe outbreaks are untreated for extended intervals, permanent hair loss may result, because of damage to hair follicles.

Soaps and detergents such as sodium laureate sulfate may precipitate a flare-up, as they strip moisture from the top layers of the skin, and the drying property of these can cause flare-ups and may worsen the condition. Accordingly a suitable alternative should be used instead.

Among dermatologist recommended treatments are shampoos containing coal tar, ciclopiroxolamine, ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, or zinc pyrithione. For severe disease, keratolytics such as salicylic acid or coal tar preparations may be used to remove dense scale. Topical terbinafine solution (1%) has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of scalp seborrhoea,as may lotions containing alpha hydroxy acids or corticosteroids (such as fluocinolone acetonide). Pimecrolimus topical lotion is also sometimes prescribed.

It would be advisable to consult a skin specialist for his symptoms and a proper clinical examination if the symptoms persist.

Let us know if you need any other information and post us on how you are doing.

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