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Counting the lumps
I have had a lump on my head that has slowly grown over the years. This year the hair that comes out of it is very course are super curly plus it seems to have a odd smell to it. I now have another one that is starting the same way, but is slightly painful. One has appeared on my upper right arm and two on my lower front calf. What are they?
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Dear Viggie,

You have provided a good description of your problem. However, t would be good if you can answer few of my queries so that I can help you better:
1) Are these lumps movable or fixed?
2) Can you pinch the skin above the lump?
3) If you try to squeeze the lump does it ooze out any thick white fluid?
4) Are you able to see any small pore above the lump?

I shall address your concern based on your current given information.
With the history that you have provided, there seem to be two possibilities.

Firstly there is a possibility of it being a sebaceous cyst, which manifest as smooth lump which can ooze out foul smelling fluid when squeezed. It has a small pore in the center.

The second possibility seems to be of a Lipoma which is a swelling of fat lobules. Lipoma is a smooth lump which is easily movable. Both the conditions can be treated surgically.

Kindly reply me with the answers as this will help me in suggesting you better.

Perhaps consultation with a competent dermatologist for physical examination & evaluation would confirm the diagnosis.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Bharat Chawda
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