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Dead skin and odor from penis
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Dead skin and odor from penis

I am a faithful married man who recently returned from Iraq. While over there, I started to get a strange and strong pungent smell from my penis (I found out later the smell comes from the tip). I didn't think much of it because we just didn't shower as often. Upon my return, the odor was not as strong (I think this was due to frequent showers) but my wife did notice it when she gave me oral sex. After becoming sexually active (unprotected with my wife) again upon my return, the skin right below my foreskin also became dead and peeled. This leaves a rough almost scab-like feeling that has taken about a week to heal. While I think this might have happened because my penis is of good size and my wife is small, I worry that it might be related to the smell. I have no pain except when having sex with the sore skin. My wife also shows no symtoms (symptoms). Any suggestions to get rid of the smell and the skin problem or what caused them?
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I'm afraid I have no idea what is causing the smell.  I certainly can't think of any connection between the smell and the scab, which is probably from irritation.  I suggest you leave the scabbed area alone and if it doesn't go away with lubrication, check it out.  As to the smell, are you sure you aren't perhaps paying closer attention to your normal body odors because you had more intense odor while unable to shower in Iraq?  In any case, I can't think of anything serious.


Dr. Rockoff
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