Dry, itchy, scaly spot on left eyelid only
by dbab, Apr 19, 2009
I have a dry, itchy, scaly spot on my left eyelid only.  No problem on the right eyelid.  I went to a dermatologist about a year ago and he prescribed an ointment that seems to help for a couple of days and then, the spot comes right back.  It can't be an allergy because it only happens on the left eyelid.  It is so aggravating and irritating and I'm going crazy trying to figure out what it is and what is causing it.  The dermatologist said it was blephoritis.  I'm not so sure.  I just really don't know.  Does anyone know what I can put on it to get rid of the itchy spot once and for all?  Please help.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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by Lbliny, Apr 11, 2011
Mario badescu control cream...after months of anguish I read this on a thread and it worked like a charm on my dry cracked eyelid within two days. I was so grateful to get that info that I have to help others with the same problem. Order online for $18
by Jotatoe, Oct 15, 2013
I used Weleda Skin Food on mine. Got rid of the dryness and itching and also fixed the droopiness that was starting to happen on my eyelid skin from the irritation. My eye is totally cured. I put a little dab on my eyelid every nite.